I have adhi yoga and malavya yoga meaning

I have adhi yoga and malavya meaning of yoga please if possible will i have success


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Benefics (venus mercury Jupiter ) in 6th 7th 8th from moon gives adhi yoga. It gives material financial success. Kind of rags to riches.

Venus in own house same time in kendra gives malvya yog. Eg thula asc venus in 1st. Akbar has that and you see his life history what all he enjoyed from kingdom to women music to drink luxurious happy life. Whatever Venus stands for you get it. Indicates blessed soul who done lots of good deeds in previous life.. Rsre to have also venus dasa should come in lifetime.

All yogas are present for everyone if you enter your horoscopes on software it gives many lists of yogas but inspite of that stil person suffer so yoga alone not essential. For enjoy any comforts or happiness 1st 3rd 7th 11th 5th 9th should be good tat too 3 7 11 are houses of desires 4th is house of happiness n comforts. Asc lord must be strong.. Yogas operates omly in their dasa not all the time. If it goes in begining birth or comes after 70 no use, it should operate in 30s to 50s. If 5th n 9th are good person life will be good without any major issue..