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In Tetrabiblos written by Ptolemy, Mars is the fire planet because Mars is closer with the sun. But scientists say that average temperature of the Mars is -80°C... How can we accept this scientific fact? I think whether real temperature of the mars is cold or hot isn't important. In my insights, Astrology is the philosophy to see Divine Platonic Idea of the Cosmos. Mars looks like red like fire color in the eye of us. then it gives us fire energies even though its real temperature is cold because astrology is geocentric arts not marscentric

tell me your opinions


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Mars looks like a fire planet to us because the planet has a red color and it's a personal planet closer to the sun than the Astreroid Belt. Astrology in this Earth is geocentric, because it's from the POV of the universe for the Earth and Babylonian astronomy that invents astrology. Jews also practiced astrology before, though is not as prevalent in Jewish circles now. Astrology is depended on the planet that they're living on. If they're born on Earth, their natal chart is geocentric. If they're born on Mars, their natal chart is marscentric/arescentric. Astrology is a very complex and nuanced subject, so my opinion is that astrology is depended from the POV of the Universe for the Earth (maybe omniverse since I'm a believer of multiverse theory), so we care more about the spiritual nature of it and it's archetypes, rather than rigid scientific, factual analysis.