I hate Saturn in 10th House

Saturn is moving from virgo to libra this november. it is suppossed to bring big changes to all the zodiacs. it may bring positive changes for you. you can check your saturn transit horoscope.
a good website is http://www.starstell.com/

In Western astrology (99%) of this forum use tropical not sidereal and T Saturn has been in *libra* for long time now and late next year will change to scorpio


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You are still at school I presume.. Saturn is in natural place in 10th house. You have a loaded 8th house and your main focus will be with those matters..You could become an astrologer and there is indication of working for the government and even politics....Saturn indicates that we reap what we sow and needs hard work but will be rewarded at the right time...... Being so young you cant have a real grasp of astrology right now. It takes much maturity and experience.....Dont be disheartened by what you read in cookbook astrology.....much of it is not accurate.
We always have to look at the whole chart to make any analysis.
You may deal with refurbishment, recycling,renovation and research or become rebirth therapist.. You will be dealing with affairs of the dead and those who have passed over for sure...... Others assets, such as loans, investments, inheritance and issues of life and death also indicated especially with large corporations.
this one, I have to say, I don't connect with. I had an early break with my father, but my mother is one of my best friends. Also, I'm not impatient/impulsive...at least I don't think so. Wait, I don't mean to sound critical I'm just wondering if there's any other way to interpret those aspects. and I don't wanna divorce :sad:

I think having your moon in fixed sign (which don't like change) helps and 3 out of 10 in fixed signs will help with impatience. i have stellium in placidus taurus (fixed) with uranus square sun/moon and I have bags of patience..... with certain things of course

here are two threads discussing hard aspects from moon/uranus


denotes strong intuitions and you very independent. You rebel against set ways of doing acting and orthodox principles. High emotional tension can produce sudden impulses in your behaviour that cause difficulties. Dull routine duties are a problem for you, and these can have a damaging effect on your nervous system. You moods change rapidly, you seem irritated, and you aren't very reliable when this aspect is active.aYou are popular because of your tolerance and understanding and ability to see both sides of issues. Your optimism and honesty are refreshing and will carry you far.

Your emotional energy vacillates, so that you can be extremely sociable, friendly, and available at times, and completely aloof, independent, and unavailable at other times. Behavioral patterns are quirky, changing, and inconsistent, and this quality is most obvious when you are at home or with family and very close friends. You need space and freedom, and situations that allow for spontaneity. Routines bore you, particularly domestic routines
to read the full article click on link
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I don't mean to sound like an amateur astrologer here (I'm not as unknowledgeable as I seem I promise!)
but....translate? :sideways:

also I swear you are always answering my questions! Do you recognize me yet too? well I guess the picture helps and I have none... :lol:
I use Equal House system (where each cusp is same as Ascendant) and am a modern astrologer. Lots of newcomers come into Astrology/forums and get a free chart from www.astro.com and the default ‘house system’ used is Placidus and think that’s just the norm and all there is……..BUT that is just the tip of the iceberg. You can change the default on astro.com in Extended Chart selection to Equal house and a few others if you wish to experiment…..

Within the mainstream here on AW of placidus/equal houses (the default on astro is placidus) only difference being some planets may move from one house to another thereby altering it's interpretation and it's 'only' with research will you find which planets 'fit you' in which houses. So my advice, do two charts, research any planets that move houses and see which you identity with - simple

Throughout the forums but mainly in natal astrology there are two main branches Placidus (unequal size houses) v Equal House (whereby each house is same size) but lots more……. For more information on these go here.
For further research try here...

It's only with study and research will you be able to assess where your planets are deposited and in which houses... thus see which 'glove fits'


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I'm so young, but already I have so many dreams and ambitions, but no matter how hard I try, I come so close to certain goals, which ultimately fail...

I have been there, dear Ura... Saturn in the 10th, in Gemini

...How can I reach my dreams with THAT placement?
I also wonder that, still, even at my age.

Have worked really hard for some projects, just to see some of them fail at the last moment. Some of them, well, maybe fate, karma, etc, also envy from shady people, but others, I later realized had some unstable foundations, so it was a matter of time to see them fall.

School life for me: I loved academics, but was somewhat lonely among my classmates. VERY SHY. Few friends. Graduation for me was like the greatest step, a great reward, college life was the best time of my life... until the final year (broke up with boyfriend at the time, struggling with money problems, had to move suddenly from were I lived, injustice from landlady, tears and drama). Still, I completed my Bachelor's degree, and, after a while, found a great work in my field of study.

To sum it up, it has been like a LOT of work, to finally get at least something of what I wanted, to later loose some of it and start again or change directions.

One of the things I most appreciated: the very few friends that at the worst of times, stood by me and helped. For me, the greatest gift God could have sent.

I have all my life been seen as very responsible person, people trust or at least take notice of what I say. Love the written word, but very shy when speaking in public, felt dumb or at least very preoccupied with what or how I communicate. Do not like my voice that much. Even with all that, have had the opportunity to be in front of a microphone, go figure!

I have had friends way older than my age since I was a kid.

I am very spiritual/religious also.

Physically, I resemble more my father.

Waited long time to finally get married and had kids.

Looking back, I wished I have had someone who guided me better to discover and trusted EARLIER myself and my talents, more support and less criticism and shame.


I have Saturn in the 10th house, but my Saturn is in Sagittarius. It's not that bad...
And that's what a Saturn in Sagittarius would say!:tongue::lol:

... Have you noticed friendships start/end suddenly?...
Yes. I think that when they go, it is because the lesson with that person ended, the purposed of them in my life. That is one of the reasons also I am sometimes a little detached, not because I do not love that person in my life, but because I know that one way or another some day they may leave and well, that hurts. Sometimes I know the person, have a great time etc, only to later discover their "bad side" (sometimes it is because of a problem or just some character traits that I do not like). But then again, I know that everybody has a shadow, that is just people being what they are, so I have learned to not let it affect me (maybe here, my Moon in Aquarius at work too :wink: ).

To you, Ura.. what can I say? Yes, it is a ton of work, but even with the disapointments, the great memories, adventures and THE LEARNING and UNDERSTANDING of oneself along the way, are worth it.
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thank you, Prisma, that's a great post!
well...the failing projects part is slightly disappointing XD but I could relate with a lot of what you said :smile:
It's good that you found your niche and success in life!
(and yay! Aquarius moon twins XD)


u have in ur Horoscope, SUN SATURN together in 10th house leads to (probably) misery,poverty, intention to get more by doing short-cut, or anything... if ,only Sun--govt related,dealing in wood and hides,precious stone business,administrative work. if only Saturn---oil dealers,spirits,wine,shoe-makers,HERBS & Medicine,placement agencies,servants,tea planters..by Indian astrology, ur MARS dasa going on and will end on Sept 2012... follow these Remedies below, u will be happy..
REMEDY----1..No wine, No Non-veg (if not daily, at least on Saturday)
2....keep Silver Brick in the House.
3...the Gate of the House should NOT be towards South.

please remember there are all sorts of different members/levels/amateurs/ professional here and a little discernment now and again will be required. take what resonates and leave the rest with a pinch of salt, espec when not backed up with sound astrological methodology
please do not be gullible, especially when there is no astrological interpretations or methodology given...

You could also do some reserch into sun conj saturn, below is the square, which both are 'hard aspects' and have striking similarities...

sun square saturn