I feel like I have a secret to tell


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Love your posts powerion! :love:

Do you have your natal chart anywhere? I would love to take a look at it if I may?! :sideways:



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I think some people cant submit...why wouldnt you want to make someone else a king...if it would bring peace?
peace is within

even though there seems a lack of peace in the world continue to cultivate inner peace powerion

of course that's so much more easily said than done :smile:


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the thing is once one becomes aware to the truth, they see they cant save themselves,
Perspective is relative to the observer
.....atleast not in my mind, God might choose to save me, but I will never be like a childs innocent mind

so if I really want to make a heaven, I could if the rest of the world is willing, bring heaven to my child. so they would be the king, not me
fwiw IMO thinking 'it cant happen unless the rest of the world is willing' is in some ways a defeatist attitude that in a sense is abdicating responsibility... although nevertheless an understandable state of mind :smile:
what I mean by if the rest of the world is willing, is the fact the world has changed, and I just see a place in my mind where people are with the spirit, therefore your children will be more than you, that is the idea of the

Son of Man

this isnt the best father and son quote to relate here, but from da vinci

Poor is the pupil that does not surpass his master
....the idea right now is, freak kids out while growing up with things like go to school and "know who you're going to be for the rest of your life"...thats a joke you're telling me I need that. I mean its awesome you are pounding me with the , think about the future thought, but not for the system of this...all you get out of that are work-aholic type parents who dont make kings and queens out of their children..they live in dark like a un-wanted dog or cat you dont feed or care to check if they have clean water...this is related to food and water of life, that parents dont give to children

pink floyd, we dont need no education..lol
Exactement!! mais - plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose :smile:


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just want to jump in and say that, I made the most strides in my personal growth when I took on the stance that I was born with everything necessary to understand anything in the universe regardless of other people's opinions or exclamations. To truly understand the world, you have to understand how to interpret everything for yourself and not rely on others quotes or statements.
A person's intelligence of the modern world relies on so much referenced material that it appears like most people simply memorize details and don't have the capacity to think for themselves- and when this happens, are you really knowing anything or just passively traversing someone's journey other than your own?..
It's okay to quote various people, but I wouldn't use the quotes to prove a point. In order to prove anything, you have to be willing to argue your case from your own point of view- which relies on knowing yourself. How can you know yourself?- this is an open-ended question that I'm just throwing out for you to think about..


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look at this

notice in the egyptian hiyeroglif, looks like we have a rising and setting sun, with a alcehmist and a cup!


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