I feel an incrediably strong connection with Adam Lambert

Okay so I don't really like to talk about this but I want/need some help. Awhile ago I watched Adam Lambert on something and I just felt this weird electrical shock go right to my heart and it happened quite a few times whenever i'd see his pictures or i'd see him in a video. Also my heart would beat really really fast like it was going to explode and I felt something about him idk what but I just felt a pull. I would like to know if we had a past life together, if we have some kind of karma together, if we're twin flames. Anything regarding me and him, and whether or not that is going to affect this life. I sound crazy. And also i've never really been a huge fan of his even now. I'm not one of those people watching every interview and stalking him on everything. I do follow him on twitter but I literally never see his posts so whatever. And double also this is not a medical issue because I actually want to a doctor about it.

Here is my chart, his is posted in a comment.


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