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I've posted this on other Astro websites as well, to get as much advice as possible: Natal: 10/09/1951 B'klyn, NY 10:35 a.m.

Need advice on these transists - some fresh eyes:
Just finished transiting Uranus in 3rd house square my Sag. Asc., and immediately thereafter, transiting Saturn in 8th house opposed my natal (and progressed!) Aquarian moon in 2nd (Prog. conj. natal moon 4/5/06), and now and for next four months (to be revisited again in Dec. 06), transiting Pluto (conjunct natal Chiron) in 1st house square natal MC (Midheavan) [I have four natal Libran planets in 10th house], while also transiting Neptune in 2nd trines natal Neptune in 10th for next five months. Feel like my chart (i.e. my psyche) is experiencing last season's hurricanes, one after the other.

Saturn opposed the moon felt exactly like I was on the moon's terrain - very painful emotionally - my brain hurt...that will be revisited in June. Got laid off Sept. 8 (which was a blessing)...I'm an attorney in my 50's who's expected to find new employment under that Pluto square the MC transit (with the four Libras in the 10th). Help!


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The most significant transit coming up is transiting (planets in the sky) Uranus (friends, also rebellion, restructuring) conjuncting (energy is combined with) your birth Nadir (inner world). This will be a time of intense rebellion against who you are inwardly as you realize so much more potential which you have not yet realized. In time this rebellion will lessen and you will begin the task of redesigning and restructuring yourself into who you want to become inwardly. This is a LONG transit and will result in many intense changes to your inner self.




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I've got the same ASC with you and I can feel the pain and changes brought by the outer planets.
last year it was saturn passing through my 8th house cusp squaring my Pluto. Together they brought me a painful experience which I could never forget. However, changes sometimes brought us joy as well, like the time when Uranus entered my 3rd I gained my interest towards astrology.

Though Pluto and Neptune right now is asking me to grow up and change under pain, I believe I could learn more than I've expected if I accept it in a good way.The way of how we deal with transits is to face them positively, smile, move on with what is being told, and don't resist the changes, for resistance would only bring us more pain. Only to take them easily we could win the battle rather than loss in grief.

Take it easy:)
It won't last forever.



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To Tim: Yes, way into what you describe already...my asc. is 8.49 Sag. and Uranus is about 9 something now...but you're completely right...Pluto square the MC is also bringing about similar changes, but not in a rebellious way;

Enid: Yes, your comments are well taken. My feelings are that everything going on has to be surrendered to with dignity and grace, rather than my usual way of dealing with things. It appears as if any and all old ways of dealing with things have been completely swept away, and all that's left is the memory of how I used to approach things. In it's stead, I'm told to just peacefully surrender to the Universe as it unfolds and go with the flow...resistance, you're right...is futile...and what I'm finding is that the more peacefully I can accept the changes, the more I can get enjoyment out of life, which is a completely new deal! As Tim says, this is going to be a long haul, but so far, I'm kinda digging it, even though having your entire life's psyche swept away by gigantic astrological wave after wave is more than unsettling.

Best regards, and thanks for your thoughts................