I can't find the ruler.../ Am I going to buy this present?


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I was going to buy a present (the perfect one!!) for the birthday of someone I'm seeing. Unfortunately, what I wanted to buy went out of stock and the shopping assistant can't tell me when they are restocking but it will be 'soon'. I have been waiting for quite a while now and am starting to get worried that I won't be able to buy this.

In this chart, I am 1st house and the present is 2nd. But they are both in Cancer. I have read that in horaries where both the quesited and querent are ruled by the same planet you have to assign the Moon to one of them. But in this example, we have the moon as a ruler. What do we look at now? There are no planets in either the 1st or 2nd house to assign another ruler.
The moon is in a favorable position as it is in Pisces conjunct Neptune and Venus - which are in their domicile and exaltation.
The romantic interest is in his own houser aspecting them - positive outcome?
But there is this Mars making a square in 6th house that is bothering me.


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Present is in shop owner, so it is represent by 8 house ruler Saturn. Moon will sextile Saturn for about 4,5 degrees that menas you will buy it for about 4,5 time units!