I broke up with guy as predicted, will we be in touch again in the future as friends?


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I had to break up with someone because he just wasn't showing interest in the way I needed/wanted even after communicating and seemed overwhelmed with other things, so I thought it best to end things here since I felt no interest on his end and our interactions waned to basically nothing. I offered to be friends if he decided he'd want to be in the future. Will I hear from him again? I am Mars in H6/H12 recieving Venus in domicile so I clearly like him. He is Venus and Sun in H8/H2 in Cancer- with Venus combust in triplicity face and term, recivesing Mars in fall and Moon in domicile. Jupiter is in H7, and applies trine to Moon. The receptions are weak, but Mars and Venus apply by sextile- but this sextile may not perfect. All in all, looks like a weak yes to maybe no. Though I don't know what to think of L11 also being Venus...

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Uranus just past the 7th house cusp shows the breakup.
Moon is in favourable aspect with the ascendent/descendent.
The 7th house significator venus is in the natural house of mars, and mars is in the sign of venus.
Also, venus is in the triplicity of mars, so there are still some good feelings on his part.
Which could all favour a reconciliation
With Moon in detriment, venus in your sign of fall, mars in detriment, the situation is not very promising, everyone involved is weak and weakly placed.
Moon's last aspect will be with 4th house neptune, and ruler of the 4th house of endings.
You may both just decide to end it.