I asked: Am I going to die soon?


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I rarely ever do Horary charts, so I'm inexperienced when it comes to reading them. Would you guys care to take a look? Thanks.


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Why do you ask this question?
Do you have a fatal illness?

I don't think many people will answer this thread.

Practise yourself. What do you see in the horary chart?
You are Mercury. Ruler of 8th (death) is Saturn.
You see a grand cross - the planets are in aspect to both Jupiter (benefic) and Neptune.
Mercury is about to oppose Saturn within 4 weeks/months.
The Moon is also about to oppose Mercury within 4 units of time.
But they are also in aspect to Jupiter-Neptune opposition.
Pluto is in the 8th house.

I would guess you are having some kind of difficult experience since you have the death question - and possibly an illness (Saturn-Neptune can mean illness in my mind), but Jupiter is involved and is therefore helping the question. However, Jupiter is weak since he is located in Virgo... but Mercury is strong since it is in Gemini.