I am too sensitive.


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Vichy91 said:
Hi everybody! I have my moon square neptune in capricorn and my problem is that I am too sensitive... So I wonder if anybody here has any advice for me to cure this sensitivity so I can be more strong as person?

I hope for response :)

Hello Vicky~

Well, what are some other aspects that you have in your chart? For that particular one, Moon square Neptune, I'd say just be accepting of who *you* are as a person and don't let anyone else try and tell you who should or shouldn't be; as long as you are okay with yourself as a person, sensitive or not, things will be good :D

Oh yes, and from what I've read about this aspect, do not let these feelings build up to the point of extreme anxiety- release them in someway, whether it be through exercise, yoga, etc.
I have Moon in Pisces square Neptune, and I am oversensitive but I can switch off a lot more now than I used to. If I switch off for too long from my emotions all of my sadness has a way of catching up and rather than a few tears I can cry for days and it feels like the tears won't stop. My partner has the trine aspect involving Moon/Neptune, I guess he can handle these emotions. I wonder how men cope with this aspect as it is not readily accepted in mens nature as it is in women's, although I do believe men can express this aspect a little more today. Some men tend to project it onto a female partner. I analysed the chart of wife beater with this aspect, he had Neptune in the 8th house opposed his Moon in 2nd. The wife did become the vulnerable victimized aspect of himself.... The wife killed him in the end (Pluto in 7th house).

On a lighter note It's always important to be clear about your own feelings and not absorb others feelings or be taken advantage of because of you are too sensitive. Recharging yourself helps but this means some work on your part as you need to emotionally clean out the closet and sort through any emotional complications involving the past, early childhood, and your mother relationship. Don't see your sensitivity as too much of affliction it's hard trying to be emotionally tough, I have tried to be like this and in the end I feel you even more sensitive to everything. Some people can go incredibly long preiods without dropping a tear which is unhealthy in itself, after a good cry have you ever noticed a calm wave of feelings comes across you it's quite a nice relaxed feeling. I enjoy a good cry at movies or sad songs this in itself is a release, and I feel less sensitized afterward as I have released some of my emotions.


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Right now, solar arc neptune is squaring moon, opposing sun and sesqui venus/mars. Transiting neptune is inconjunct my natal moon but triing the sun and squaring natal jupiter in the 8th. Today, I woke up and read your thread and completely identified with what you were saying...everyone of you. How strange. I feel like I am awake to something inside and it is quite soft and vunerable. I amnot sure if I have been struggling with this transit/progression for some time and finally came to rest with it. Natally neptune does not affect moon but squares venus/mars so I suspect that I can not feel the depth of what you are saying but I recognize the struggle that you must be feeling. There must be some place internally that you can to that you feel safe....like that visual image of a white lights surrounding you. There is a lot of negative stuff out there. You must create a shield and internally be home ie be present to yourself and not let imagination carry you to far. Feelings are like tentacles out into the world but imagination magnifies what it feels. Use it as an extra sense. Our emotional center has this huge capacity...it is called the Red Queen of Alice in Wonderland in certain cirlces...it can enlarge and overdo...it is big....you must learn to let imagination feed you in a good way.

Alex Barras

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it can be a surprise but i am too sensitive because of the opposition Moon In Cancer and Jupiter In Capricorn, too much !!! when I feel hurt, attacked, pain (Saturn Square Venus), I can fall to cry !!


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Hi Vicky,
Moon square Neptune usually means a real issue between mother and daughter... the mother and daughter are so different that the mother tends to use the sensitivity of the daughter to get the upper hand. Moon problems are mother -child problems. You and your mother are not compatible. Because you may be seeing yourself through her eyes, you feel you have a shortcoming, which you call being "too sensitive."

I have this aspect (moon square Neptune,) and because of it, I have been able to "connect" emotionally to many of my clients... I have my moon in the 8th house, and it has given me great compassion.

Like someone said, you can't "cure" this, it is a God-given gift, and someday you will be able to use it to connect with others who also have mothers who didn't give "emotionally" to their children.

From day one, we all need our mothers to smile at us, approve of us, support us emotionally and spiritually... and if the mother doesn't do that, we tend to have a poor self image. You just need to be your own mom from now on.


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I have Aries Moon square Neptune in Capricorn, and Venus in Cancer makes for a t-square....and I am pretty sensitive, over sensitive, and I definitely identify with a lot of the things that you were talking about. I totally idealized other people after never having close friends, or ones that weren't taking advantage of me somehow. I also did a lot of moving so never had the chance to develop long term relationships like that. But I think the aspect causes a lot of suffering physically, especially with Neptune in Capricorn. But it gives good things immaterially. For example, I was never really accepted/picked on by all my peers growing up, and later in life one day, I snapped, and thought "I'm not the problem, it's not my fault. I'm just too sensitive to what other people do when they're insecure." And the awareness of it has really changed things. Like because I have been in those kinds of situations so many times, I can tell at the drop of a hat whether people are genuine or not. And I can really get a good feel for people, like read them as well (I also have venus trine pluto), but I think some of this understanding of other's inner natures that I have came DIRECTLY from all the suffering I did earlier in life. So now I just try to be aware of those types of things, and turn it for the better, Neptune is hard because it doesn't really operate physically, but more on an abstract level of our lives, so thinking outside of ourselves, looking at things from an outside perspective could be good for that square too.

Moon Muse

Yes one can be sensitive to the extreme and still be strong. I have moon conjuct neptune in the eighth house. I pick up everyone's emotions, walking into a room I can feel the impact.
Yet, we all have all of the elements and planets in our charts. For strength of self the sun, no matter the elemental placement is the fire of life. Think of a sword being molded in the fire, molten and liquid it can be shaped and hammered into any form. These are tests, the blows given by others upon us, we can be molten and hammered on by others forever, but it is only through the tests of life that we grow into self-hood in a higher sense. When we finally realize that the blows and darts that are shaping us are our own projection-reaction, passive response to the other and by our reactions we allow others to shape or injure our sense of self, only then can we take back our self-hood, and as steel being forged we can strengthen self by immersion into water. Immersed into the strengthening water of universal compassion we are made strong and whole. We are still sensitive to others but the strength of self after the fire and the water are strong enough to withstand any impact. Think of the greatest enlightened and sensitive souls that have walked this earth, they deflect each blow with love and blessing. This is ultimately the goal of the extreme sensitive.


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McKena said:
You are not too sensitive, others are too harsh. at least that's what i tell myself when i feel the tears :)

Yes, that's true, but does it matter, you still feel the tears coming on...how about "others are not as sensitive as you...so they naturally roughshod over things that you find important" That's a little more objective, and can probably help to figure out exactly what others are doing that is making you raw!

This has helped me a lot. I have an Aries Moon square Capricorn Neptune, and Venus in Cancer making a nice t-square. I am EXTREMELY sensitive, and hold it all in, and can be quite volatile emotionally, but realizing that other people are just not so sensitive as me, and keeping in mind that they are probably not taking into account that I am so sensitive (it's apparent that I am sensitive, but the entirety of it is far from visible), OR if they are and just sticking it to me because they know I'm a sap, that helps me to sort out my feelings as well.

I know it's not exactly astrological advice....but I do see that Moon square Neptune pulls in all different types of people indiscriminately...this aspect needs a little bit of conscious discrimination and analyzation to help...just be objective...sensitivity is never objective.
Moon square Neptune can come in many different forms in the personality. People with this aspect may set themselves up for up for disappointment because of the tendency not to discriminate....Sort of like believing in make believe. This aspect can run the gamut from crying while describing the first crocus of spring to deceptiveness and playing the victim to gain favor. Moon/Neptune squares can also make it hard to identify with the mother. In general Neptune in hard aspect to the moon tends to make it hard to be in touch with your feelings. Probably is hard for a Moon in Capricorn person especially because a Cap Moon would need feel the need to keep feelings in check and Neptune tends to dissolve the ability. Awareness of the potential hazards will assist in raising the consciousness of a person with this aspect.

Take it from one who knows...I am a Moon Conjunt Neptune person.

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when one is sensitive it becomes difficult for that person to control the emotions. for controlling emotions the best way is to be practical and for that the key planet is mars as strong mars helps to enhance the power of resistance. the best way to give power to mars is to do exercise on regular basis to channelise your energies because mars is the planet of energy, power and vigor. your heart shall get strengthened by giving power to your mars and you shall become little more practical. contact astrologer yashkaran and visit our website by the name zodiac.futurepointindia.com


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I have Aries Moon Square with Neptune and Also Square Uranus just to add a bit of changeable to my emotions. I feel very sensible too.


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I too can relate having Moon in Pisces sq Neptune in the 7th.

my moods change so often. At times i seem bi-polar: states of elation and mysticism to obsessively worrying about my future and people's close to me.

I am often attracted to men who are not compatible with me socio-economically, religiously, politically and often physically. It starts off as friends and develops into something more. I also have Juno in Pisces/11th . When it gets serious, ie committment and marriage, i get insecure and scared that someone better may come along...not quite a prince, haha, but maybe someone who can look after me instead of me having to look after him which is often how i feel things would be after marriage. im the classic committment-phobe. i postponed a wedding set for last june. im not even excited about the idea of even a relationship now. scary cuz i desperately wnat to get married. saturn/uranus t sq my venus now! One day i can't stop thinking and worrying about my fiance and our future and the next day I could care less.

i always had a difficult time understanding my mother. she was like a child to me most of my childhood and now adult life. always faced with depression or one illness or another. my moon is opp saturn and NN as well
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Hi I am also afflicted with being too sensitive, I am a Pisces Sun with Moon conjunct Neptune. I wicken lady told me to imagine putting on a robe of white light to reflect unwanted energies away in the morning. Maybe look in to some regular meditation or self healing such as Reiki.

Get some alone time to recharge your batteries when you can :)


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I have a square Moon-Neptune. It gives me a lot of sensitivity. I think I have a sixth sense. It shows sometimes through dreams or even through verious ''coincidences''.
I am not going to tell what sometimes happens to me, because it scares even me.

My Moon is in 12th house, though.

Ones I read that a too strong sensitivity can be reduced by smoking and that a lot of people with this gift smoke to avoid this ''feelings''. In fact I use to smoke and it comes natural for me to avoid when I am too ''opened'' for some energies. Also if I know it is not good for the health!
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