I am really frustrated because of no job


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Dear All,

I don’t have continuous job since December 2009.I get job but only for 2-3 months,companys discontinued me within 2-3 months with no major reason, then again I become jobless for 6-7 months and I get job after giving many interviews and after struggling so much but then it is only for 2-3 months. Since Dec.2009 I have changed around 9 companys but no company makes me continuous after 2-3 months.

I met to many astrologer some of them told me you are suffering from Rahumaha dasha and it will continue till 2021 , some told me your guru power is low.

Can anyone help me what to do in this situation? Why there are breaks in my job? How is my career path? Any remedies for continuous job?

I am really frustrated and confused.

Name: Siddharth Desai
DOB: 27th February 1985
Birthtime: 12.05 pm (afternoon)
Birthplace: Satara
Rashi: Vrushabh
Nakshtra: Krutika
Gun: Rakshas



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Your 7th lord Mars is in 11th house. Mercury is in 10th house. presently, Rahu- Mercury period is running. 10th lord Saturn is in 7th house in good constellation.

Business will be suitable for you and you will be able to earn good amount.

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The following chart reading is using the Western Tropical Placidus Astrological tradition.
Essentially, you're not emotionally suited to your present job(s) but are intellectually strong enough to perform them. The nature of the business environment is that you are only being hired short term; after 90 days (max) the companies let you go in order to not declare you a full time employee. They avoid certain full time obligations that encumber them financially.
You are also unconsciously displaying your contempt for management and they are letting you go since you don't fit with a long term strategy in temperament or job description. You are a Pisces.
You have a gifted chart and can perform well in technology fields but ultimately you have a deeply artistic mindset. A combination of writing gifts and visual gifts are yours to wield. Have you considered photography coupled with photo journalism? Your powerful 11th house will allow an income via the Internet of these more artistic/photo/writing skills. Travel photo journalism is available to you. Create an original content site that you run--you are not an employee type.
Moon in the 12th trine Jupiter in the 9th with Uranus 7th house trinng a conjunction of Mars and Venus in the 11th house imparts real ability. (The Jupiter likes university life too.)
You will have to take that moody discontented Piscean nature and apply yourself to your deepest occupational love or you will continue to suffer. The feeling you give off is hopelessness; what is required is inspiration, committed work and risk. You are young. This is the time. It is better for you in the long run to commit to this new direction as Saturn is in your 6th house--it will pay dividends!
You have a powerful vocational chart with Sun and Mercury in the career oriented 10th house. Time to truly swim. It is your birthright.
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Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your guidance, are you really sure about photojournalism will be suitable for me as a career because I am 27 right now and also wanted to know how about film direction for me? Will it be fruitful?

Siddharth Desai
Film and photojournalism

Dear Siddharth,
Major filmmaking requires dedication of oneself to the craft to the exclusion of everything else. Film school would also be required prior to actually making films. You also need to be networked among screenwriters, editors, producers and EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS (they raise the money for the films).
The very same skill set that you need at all these jobs that you keep losing are the identical ones you must possess in the film world. The film world is even MORE brutally competitive than the business world that you currently find yourself challenged by. WAKE UP Mr Fish!

I would strongly recommend using a digital camera and producing short films for your CONTENT WEBSITE, which you could also bolster with your photos. You can never be fired from your owned and operated CONTENT WEBSITE of your creation. It could include your artistic projects whether film based or photo based in addition to writing. YOUTUBE is available to you as well as SEO website techniques to make your CONTENT WEBSITE a success. Did I mention how cost effective it is or the fact that if your content is interesting the money will flow in terms of products or advertising that you sell on your OWN CONTENT WEBSITE?

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"We must be a servant to ourselves"

The same dedication that you have when going to these jobs (which you eventually lose) is the type that you need when working for yourself. Since Saturn is in your 6th house natally, you will learn everything about how to be the perfect employee, both for yourself and others--EVEN AS YOU CREATE A LIFE WHERE YOU ARE SELF EMPLOYED. Saturn in the 6th house rules the concept of daily habit and daily work. (*It has medical work associations too.)
Overall though, the chart strength is near the Midheaven--9th, 10th and also the 11th houses! In fact, the entire sector between the 12th house and the 9th is very rich for you. Follow the strength of the chart! Follow your Jupiter!

I would recommend beginning a daily journal that includes a "to do list" of daily responsibilities that must be met in order for you to progress. Along with this write down all the areas of life that you enjoy being around. This can include what you really LOVE. (I knew a guy once that loved cooking. His whole life was built around ignoring home life. Once he realized he loved being around the lifestyle of his kitchen and cooking his life changed. He wrote a cookbook of his grandmother's recipes, created a blog, sold his cookbook as an ebook on his website, sold advertising and had affiliate marketing ideas on his website too. He also took all the photos of his recipes and kitchen. He interviewed local food sellers and makers of cooking equipment and placed videos on Youtube. He even met his second wife through this!)

The journal will help you locate specifically the areas in which to focus so that you are directed toward your professional area (it will also point toward the type of content site that you will create).

"We must be a servant to ourselves."

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"Only the Disciplined are Free"

With Moon in the 12th house and Saturn in the 6th house, a strong degree of passivity and sheer laziness are imparted into the psyche, especially when the Sun resides in somewhat unclear and introverted Pisces.
You will need some nose-to-the-grindstone discipline to jump start your new life.
No one can do this for you! GET UP NOW! BEGIN!


"The harder you work, the luckier you are"



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Dear Sir,

Can you please explain me in simple language as I am unable to understand.

weather photojournalism would really work me? how will be my career in that?

and how about film direction for me? would I be successful?