I am a Scorpio, but Jupiter in Scorpio has been horrible for me (so far)


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I am new here and have created a profile to probably get some insight on a matter that is truly bothering me. Everyone and their moms promised 2018 would be great for Scorpios due to the Jupiter transit, yet, my 2018 has been just busy, hard and, overall, pretty bad- so far. I have lots of job related issues that interfere with my personal life, I am feeling hypochondriac, have been developing an ulcer... I wish someone could tell me why is everything going so..wrong...and, perhaps, offer some hope (warnings even, though hope would be much preferred, if genuine) for the future. here is my chart:


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The really short answer is:

1) Jupiter transits don't always bring smiles and sunshine.

2) You're not paying attention to the Saturn transits in your chart.

3) Uranus is opposing your Sun currently.


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thank you for the quick answer. i m not very literate in reading a chart, i am more of a ”i know my sun/moon/rising sun & venus” type of astrology enthusiast :), but i will be looking into the transits you ve been pointing out and their meaning. perhaps someone will help figure it out :)