Hypothetical question...


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Let's say-- all things being equal physically-- a Scorpio (pure Scorpio) and a Taurus (pure Taurus) fight. Who would win? I think it would be either a draw and they'd both collapse from exhaustion, or the Scorpio would cheat and do something underhanded to win. What think you? I think it would be like an unstoppable force hitting an immoveable object.

One other thing-- what sign do you think Rocky Balboa is? Stallone is a Cancer and Rocky is an extension of himself and he certainly has Cancer characteristics, but he also has that Taurus willpower.



What a tough question! Well, let's see, Scorpio is a sign of self-destruction, reportedly the 2nd strongest sign of the zodiac following Capricorn. Where Tauraus belongs in that hierarchy I'm not sure. It's just what I read and have observed to be true. I don't disagree with Capricorn being #1 in strength. I read a number of biographies and won't read one unless I have a chart of them or their personal placements. If you want to read about the unstoppable energy and determination of Tauraus, I'd read Ho Chi Minh, Lenin, or Eva Peron. Once Tauraus gets on a roll, NOTHING, even a 20,000 foot high mountain is no obstacle to them attaining their goals. Yet, Hillary Clinton is another study of iron-willed determination on the Scorpio side. I think one can't overlook the Moon or Mars. I work in a health-care facility with access to lots of birthdates which gives me an opportunity for making endless observations, Tauraus and Scorpio. I work largely with the elderly in long-term care facilities. For whatever reason I zero in on their Mars and Moon signs for the determination to live, irregardless of their health condition, which ones are going to cling to life even if a doctor tells them they only have a week to live. One thing that Tauraus has that Scorpio doesn't is charm. To me, I would call that "cheating", but it certainly aids in Tauraus' ascendency to meet their goals. Bill Clinton is a sterling example of that with his Moon in Tauraus along with his other charming pieces, his Venus and Mars in Libra. To me, that's cheating, using charm to take short-cuts. Scorpio doesn't have that advantage, only the advantage of using sex to short-cut his way to wherever he's going. But if I were going to wager a bet on a fight between them, I'd bet on Scorpio winning.