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@ElenaJ I remember you posting something in David’s Random Thoughts Thread about the chart for Hurricane Fiona. I’ve been meaning to look at it sooner, but here it is. :joyful:
Anyone else is welcome and encouraged to contribute.

In the event chart, Ketu, which signifies natural calamities, is in the First House.
The Fourth House here represents people’s homes (land properties) and is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.
Saturn, ruler of the Fourth House, is in the Fourth House square the co-ruler of the Fourth House, Uranus, and Uranus is separating from an opposition with Ketu.

According to YourNetAstrologer, “The close natal or transit afflictions to the seventh house or its lord by the most malefic planet or slow moving planets indicate setbacks to the living standards of the people and challenges for the international position of the country.” (

I wonder if the Moon square the ruler of the Seventh House, Mars, is what activated the affliction between Uranus and Ketu, and Saturn and Uranus.

In the synastry chart between Newfoundland and the event chart for Hurricane Fiona, transiting Mars is conjunct Ketu in the First House of NFLD.
Transiting Uranus is applying to a square with the Sun in the Fourth House of NFLD’s chart, also ruler of the Fourth House. Then, transiting Ketu, signifier of natural calamities, is applying to a square with the Sun as well.

It looks like it could’ve been the tr. Moon’s affliction to tr. Mars that got the ball rolling on Hurricane Fiona’s damage to Port aux Basques. The way I’m seeing it: Moon afflicting ruler of Seventh House in event chart, Mars, activated the affliction between Uranus and Saturn, and Ketu and Uranus. Tr. Mars, being agitated by the Moon, set off natal Ketu in NFLD’s chart.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and other people’s thoughts on what activated Hurricane Fiona’s wrath on Port aux Basques in Newfoundland. :smile:


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The hurricane's watery Neptune on NFLD's Saturn, midheaven ruler, and opposing NFLD's mars, whipping it into a mad frenzy!