Hunt For Honey Horary

Hi! I just recently came back from vacation and realized that the honey I ordered went missing. I know horary charts can help with missing/stolen things and I thought I should give it a go lol

Can someone help me read this chart?



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There are 3 testimonies it wil be found!
The same rulers both the 1st and 2nd houses, indicating the possession is still with the querent!

Ruler, Venus is in fixed sign, so it is at hidden areas, low places, in walls, near floors. It can be in a sun porch, a room in a house where you have more windows, play room, living room, room where children spend time playing, room or place lacking orderliness, place where gold plated articles are kept, room or places belonging to your children, room with expensive furnishings, a toy chest, pool and game room, children's bedroom. Near some source of heat or at showy, glamorous places.
Look also at hallway, study, dining room, place of business; a parent (mother) or boss may know where it is. Near the house foundation, floors, roof, joists, walls, structure in general. Look also at formal room of the house.

POF is in Can in 10th house. Look in a dining room, kitchen, laundry room, linen closet, cellar, pantry, room with ordinary and inexpensive furnishings, room where the family gathers to discuss family matters, a room where articles of sentimental value are kept, room with the most windows, areas where fishing equipment is kept, area where china, silverware or kitchenware is stored, near a sink, pump or plumbing.

Direction :South
Near colour: white, light green, blue, pink, lemon yellow, silver, grey