HUGE (6 planet) stellium in SR 1st house

Hello everyone,

I’ve been trying to study this one for a while but I can’t find too much information about conjunctions to the SR ASC.

This upcoming year seems like a really big one for me, the most striking aspect of this chart to me is the Venus - Mars - Saturn conjunction very close to the Aquarius ASC. Juno is also there, at 17° but not shown.

Using placidus, my first house is very large and also contains a Mercury - Jupiter - Neptune - Sun conjunction, with the sun falling in the second.

So, this seems like a busy year. It’s like every major planet is being brought to the forefront of my life. Natal, I have a Libra moon, and next year the Moon will return to Libra and be placed in the 8th house, trining the ♀♂♄ conjunction. My natal Sun is also in the 8th house…
I also have a natal early degree Leo rising, meaning my 7th house in Aquarius (also natal Venus in Aquarius!) is going to be brought to the first.

The one thing I really want to know about is the Venus Mars and Saturn conjunction. This seems extremely significant to me, like polar opposites joining together while being stabilized or restricted by Saturn.

If anyone has any ideas or interpretations I would love to hear them!


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Hi Sweet November,

I would definitely say that Mars is conjunct Venus and that Mars is conjunct the ASC but I wouldn't lump Saturn in there. That's too wide of an orb for me but I am by no means an expert at this.

If you have a natal chart with a lot of personal planets in the relationship houses (Venus in the 7th, Sun in the 8th, etc.) and the SR chart has a packed 1st H, sometimes that means that you will be focused on you this year, not a relationship. Or perhaps, you will focus on you within a relationship.

It can also mean that this is the year that you take more initiative (hemisphere analysis) whereas perhaps your natal chart inclines you to react more to others, have a wait and see attitude, or believe that fate determines a lot of what happens in your life as opposed to you creating the opportunities.

Venus + Mars aspects are about how actions support or conflict with how you relate (according to Mary Fortier Shea). With Uranus squaring Venus, this is not the year when you will continue to put up with what you have put up with before. It will either work out for you or things may not work out but be better in the end. Whatever that may be, it seems your passions are aligned and that you are led by them this year.

I agree that Saturn is in the 1st H and that means that there are restrictions on yourself whether that's imposed on you by you or from outside of yourself, you will still deal with some form of restraint on your behavior or your personality. Maybe this is something you do to yourself so you can be more disciplined to go after what you want this year.

Whatever it is, I think there is a focus on you that maybe you don't typically focus on and it's probably time :)

Good luck!


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This is interesting.
First I see Sun in the 2nd house, which is the house of possessions, and money we make out of our own hard work. Interestingly enough, your moon will be opposite, in the 8th house, which is the house of inheritances, other people's money. The Sun Moon positions are telling me that you will be asked to renegotiate your value as an individual, e.g. your salary, or big chunks of money often associated with the 8th.

THEN I will interpret your first house - this amazing cluster of planets is telling me that you need to stand tall for your rights (and your values).
Mars Venus close to the ascendant.... I've noticed this aspect is high-energy. You may attempt to affirm your value as a person by using your sex-appeal, or sexual energy, or flirtatious energy. THen Saturn is safely away from other planets. In the first house, restrictions are rooted WITHIN. Not by other people, but by your own thoughts of what others will think.
Jupiter mercury entails travelling, publications, law, philosophy. I'd translate this as a professional indicator - your professional ideas which you may need to defend as part of your SELF.

NEPTUNE plays a big role, in the first house, you have a blurry vision of who you are, and this is projected onto other people. the 1st-7th house axis is all about ME AND OTHERS, hence you need to be wary of how you present yourself, how others perceive you. This is reinforced by the Jupiter Neptune conjunction - all about overidealization. You are wearing pink glasses which don't allow you to see your own values.

In short, this is a monumental year, where your self value, and monetary value (e.g. skills, talents, earnings) will be up on the table, to be re-negotiated. With neptune conj sun I would not close deals this year, but I would test the waters, and look forward to learning more things about me, and how others see me.

Your natal chart holds the key to a better defined interpretation. Remember, it is all evolving around your natal chart, and what you are meant to experience in this life.
What wonderful interpretations, and I’m kicking myself for just now seeing both of these!!

Thank you both for your detailed responses! This year is going to be very interesting