How's y'alls guru transit's going?


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Isn't Jupiter retro bad for people going through Jupiter maha dasa? :)

I wish astrology worked well that simply! In that case we would just be relying completely on news paper horoscope columns and the predictions etc given towards the end of astrological magazines, journals, periodicals and website masala wisdom! <LOL>




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So in about 2 days time, Jupiter will leave Cancer. Personally, I got almost ruined :tongue: Horrible year I had....heavy losses, father got admitted to hospital, surgery, major expenses.....then I too had a mishap and landed in bed....last 6 months was heavily devastating....
Now I might be due to the fact ,I am running Ketu A.D under the Jupiter MD.....Next will be Rahu A.D :surprised: (from Nov 2015-Mar 2018).....Will I be further ruined.....Lets wait and watch.....:biggrin:


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Actually, jupiter's gonna be nearest to the earth. The retrogate movement is a great sign for all of the people since it will bring more optimism to everyone's life. It's not bad at all.

Interestingly, people forget that when a superior planet slows down goes stationary or retrogrades, it is actually not! ;-)

They also forget that the cause of such anomalies is our geocentric reality (vantage).