How would you interpet this NN?


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I have recently been looking into the asteroids and I discovered that asteroid Diana is exactly conjunct my North Node to the minute.

I read that Diana can represent being single and child free, however I am married and want to have children, at least one. She can also represent independence. Based on my chart how would you guys interpret Diana conjunct my North Node?

Thanks for your insights!
I don't know much about asteroids, but if I just think of the goddess Diana, and equate her with Artemis... that's the archetypal independent, wild woman. In myth, yes, she's unmarried and child free. In reality, a woman can be married and/or a mother and still strongly manifest that archetype. It's all about the kind of woman you are.

If you're an Artemis (or Diana) type, you have a strong need to pursue your own interests, and probably a commitment to doing so. Even if you also have marriage and family responsibilities, that doesn't go away. What you are not is the type to define yourself as a wife or mother. Wife and mother may be the relationships you have with particular individuals, but they're not your identity. Some women, in contrast, do feel that wife or mother really shapes their identity.

So that conjunction would suggest you were that type of person before, and probably still are. Which leads right into what I've been meaning to say for weeks about your south node story....

Planets aspecting your south node or its ruler represent people and/or circumstances in your past life story. If it's a hard aspect (square or opposition), they hindered you, were obstacles for you, and/or harmed you. If it's a soft aspect (sextile or trine) they helped you, but they also helped you stay stuck on the south node.

Your south node and its ruler have nothing but sextiles. So we're not looking at any harsh influences to overcome, we're looking at people or circumstances that enabled you, that kept you stuck of your own volition. Probably, they were good for you in certain ways, but those influences kept you from getting to the north node represented by Pisces/eleventh house.

If I look at the themes of all those placements, the repeating theme is lovers. Fifth house (placement of south node) can indicate love affairs, casual flings, extramarital sex. Venus (sextiles south node's ruler and is in the fifth) often indicates a lover, spouse, or partner in the south node story. Mercury is also sextiled by Saturn and Uranus in the eighth (house of sexuality and deep intimacy), and the south node is sextiled by Pluto in the seventh (house of marriage; plus, Pluto and Scorpio also indicate sexuality, particularly of a dark, edgy, or otherworldly nature).

Other things can be indicated by those placements, of course. Virgo suggests either hypercriticalness, or over responsibility, or both. With so many sextiles from planets that likely represent lovers, perhaps you felt so responsible for your lovers that you neglected your own work to meet their needs.

Fifth house can also represent children, or art, or both... maybe you had children and had lots of parenting responsibilities. If you were also trying to be an artist, there was probably very little room left to develop your art... especially if you were a female artist, which I think is highly likely--women are the ones who tend to feel so responsible for others that they'll set aside their own goals to meet others' needs. A male artist, in contrast, probably wouldn't give up so much for a lover, no matter how needy they seemed.

It's likely that these lovers were also muses, fellow artists, and/or sources of support. It looks like at least three different ones are represented here. If we cast them as characters (and here, I'm really getting creative with storytelling, not saying any of this is literally true), Pluto is the dark and mysterious stranger who plays emotional games with you and keeps you wrapped up in the relationships for years, even if you know it's not healthy; Venus is the fellow artist who turns out to be ultra-needy, and you end up taking care of her or him (lovers might have been both genders!), Saturn is the stable older guy with a freewheeling streak (Sagittarius) and Uranus is the wild and crazy one, though Uranus and Saturn might represent the same person, since they're conjunct.

If there's any truth at all to this story, you've probably had some significant relationship drama in your current life, and it may have affected your ability to focus on your art. Current life stories typically echo the south node story, up to a point. I also have another reason to guess relationship drama: even if it's not connected to the south node, Pluto in the seventh house usually brings a tendency to draw people into your life who manifest your shadow side. That can be a great boost to creative work, but it's also a great way to end up in unhealthy, drama-filled, and/or abusive relationships.

Before I go on, does any of this sound right?