How will my vacation this year go?


I have reserved a trip to Colorado from July 23-28.Staying in the Denver area.2 or 3 days will involve taking a guided tour (one of them to rocky mountain national park,the other to pikes peak.This is only because driving up the Mountains may bother me.I might be ok as a passenger.)I havent decided on the 3rd guided tour (mt Evans),as I think maybe 3 guided tours would be too much in one trip.But the guided tours pick you up from a hotel downtown.Im hoping this goes well The other days are just whatever..maybe driving around looking at scenery or seeing the zoo or a museum.

Im going alone.I asked a similar question about a trip a few years ago here and you guys were right (things went well)

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Basically I'm asking will I enjoy this (with things going well or will be a vacation full of problems?
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