How will my husband be and marriage timing

narasimha sharma

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your 5th lord Venus exalted in Pisces, you are creative, romantic and expect a lot of love and also give love in return. But, that love is delayed due to Saturn. Saturn also represents Shaap (curse) in spiritual astrology, so probably there's a past karma which is delaying love in your life.

lagna and 7th are afflicted with Rahu-Ketu axis which in theoretical hindu astrology not good for marriage. 7th lord Jup in 3rd getting an aspect from mars, even if married marriage will not be happy and husband will be someone on sadistic nature where you will lack interest later on.

actually, i see no marriage in your chart.

Hi, my dob: april 15, 1992, 11:05am, place:vijayawada, india

can you tell how will my husband be? marriage timing? and overall