how & where to begin with vedic/13sign sidereal?


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please bear with me.

with my hieroglyph tattooed on my heart, i am wondering how i could be anything but a fixed, air sign. the weight of my 4th quadrant somewhat signals capricorn, and i would like to exchange the saturn-leo-7th house combination, but... i starting trusting astrology because the aquarius sun (and my scorpio moon) fits who i really am, have been, & will be so well.

*my cusp friends are handling this much better than the rest of us.*

i have done all the internet research i could, and this site has been the most informative. so i've stopped to ask for guidance.

i understand the astronomical aspects of this (i think). i appreciate the precision. i do not consider myself to be an astrologer, obviously, but i need to be able to do (and interpret) my own chart and the charts of friends and family.

without berating me too much, know that i have only done natal charts from Woolfolk's book. it is, literally, the only astrology book i have ever needed for my personal basic needs... to quickly calculate ascendants and the placement of the planets. i use my own interpretations/ experiences and other resources for synastry and other things.

my concern is:
i have not been able to find anything that informs me of a brief, general description of the 13 sidereal or vedic signs. a vedic capricorn can't have the same traits as a tropical capricorn... right? knowing that i have not shaped my personality in any way to become an aquarian woman, i will be at odds with astrology, i guess, if i no longer fit in my sign.

so my questions are:
am i an aquarian at heart but technically labelled a capricorn? or do the character traits shift as well? or maybe i'm a blend of capricorn and aquarius...??

how do i cast a 13sign sidereal chart? is there a 13th house? what is cetus?

how soon will another change happen? i read something about how the signs will shift ~1 day every 70.5 years... ?

would an astrologer ever recommend that someone stick with tropical over vedic because it makes more sense with his/her life/personality? is it personal preference or is one actually more accurate than the other? vedic seems more accurate astronomically at least. if i had originally found vedic before tropical, i probably would not have been a believer in astrology at all because the capricorn profile would not have fit me... wait... right? what? ugh.

many advance apologies and thanks for your assistance!

for what it's worth, here's my tropical:
aquarius ascendant
sun aqu 1st
moon sco 10th
mercury cap 12th
venus aqu 1st
mars cancer 6th
jupiter gem 5th
saturn leo 7th
uranus sco 10th
neptune sag 11th
pluto lib 9th[FONT=&quot]


dr. farr

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Stick with what has proven itself of value to YOU (even if it turns out to be a mix of 2 or more systems!)
Don't allow the astronomical HYPE distract you: STUDY either tropical or Vedic, or both: TEST OUT what you learn, and then decide for YOURSELF!

Best wishes to you in this!
Richard L. Farr