how unique are we?

I was long would it take for the position of the planets in our natal, to occur again?

Obviously retrogrades would make it difficult....

do you have to be a mathematical genius to work it out? edit: obviously!!!!:rolleyes:

Not sure, but thought id ask anyway....


edit: does anyone have a program that could help? The more i think about it, the more i realize the mathematical nightmare this question is.
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Wouldnt the odds of all planets being in one place be higher than them being scattered around.............

i dont seem to know more than me at this kind of stuff.;)


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I read it takes a lot of time. Not sure if five thousand and something years or five millions and something, but let's suposse that all the planets are at the original positions every 5,000 years. Do you think those people who happen to be born then will have identical charts to people who was born before under that same planetary configurations? Maybe. But would they be identical as individuals? We must consider that there are outer influences that make us what we are, as planetary positions only show inclination towards this or that. Then you have environmental factors, race, etc., without mentioning that they would grow in a very different world, provided that the approaching spiritual revolution that is meant to begin in 2012 has the power to change our ways in that span.

Everything in the universe is always changing. If you believe in reincarnation, that could be a good example to show how unique we are. The soul transmigrates and is reborn, but in a different physical body living in a different time. So, we are unique indeed.:)

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Having been witness to births of twins, there are minutes between them, unless you have a c-section and even then there is at least a minute between them, so the configuration would be very close, it would not be the same...
We are as unique as the fingerprints we leave behind...


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Let's look at the scope of this question. Most astrologers focus on the most important astrological aspects: the planets. One could also look at the asteroids, fixed stars and all of the different Arabic Parts. Basically, one could dedicate an entire lifetime to studying a single individual's natal chart.

On the other hand, the Earth orbits the Sun. The Sun is one of millions of other stars that reside in one of the four arms of the Milky Way Galaxy. It takes millions of years for the Sun to complete its orbit around the center of the Milky Way; if not trillions. The Milky Way is one of many galaxies all huddled together in a galactic cluster. The Milky Way makes its orbit around the center of its galactic cluster. Astronomers have identified thousands of galactic clusters, and they don't believe they have seen everything yet.

Basically, there is so much changing and moving going on, and I'm sure it all has some influence in our natal chart. Astrological research hasn't even scratched the surface yet, and we humans have been researching this for thousands of years.

"As above, so below. As within, so without." Can you imagine the entirety of the universe reflected in our personality?



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But, haven't you heard, all 6 billion people on this planet can be described by 12 signs!:eek::eek::eek:

Doesn't it make you want to shoot Sunsigners?

For those of you who have never had the opportunity to play with this little program, you can get a (close to) 3D idea of how the sky looks at any time you want. And maybe find a few alignments, too. It's free and a very highly respected piece of work:

Have fun!
cjc, you have just made me laugh in the middle of me throwing a christmas preperation tantrum.............good on ya!......the sunsigners are hilarious!

at least they aren't moonsigners though hey?:D

will have a look at the link a bit busy at the moment!!!!!!!!!!!

MERRY XMAS>..........and thanks to all of you thst have added on the thread..............we are all truly unique!!!!!!!!


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Liquid Green said:
cjc, you have just made me laugh in the middle of me throwing a christmas preperation tantrum.............good on ya!......the sunsigners are hilarious!

at least they aren't moonsigners though hey?:D
The reason we don't have to put up with "moonsigners" is that you have to know a bit more to find out someone's Moon sign! :D
I dont know if my joke made it across the board......moon signers i was referring to mooning....remember in the movie "grease" what happened when the song "blue moon" was played......

Sorry i am a bit nuts sometimes!

We can be happy Gaer knowing we know a bit about something hey!:D