How to work with the nodal axis


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I have some thoughts on the nodal axis I'd like to have some comments on.
As axis they have to do with polarity, it's an either or thing which needs to be balanced or integrated. In short the south node represents the inherited karmic past state and the north node the fated future goal state. Or the south node a 'bottomless pit' of a bad thing and the north node a 'abundance' of a good thing. So, you can either dwell on the past too much of have to much of a good thing but the goal is to balance or integrate both ends. Problem here is HOW? Well if I add squares to this opposition, things make a lot more sense. As the opposition works at cross purposes, squares give stress or action.

For arguments and sake using keywords here, NN Pisces 11-SN Virgo 5 gives square Gemini 2-Sagittarius 8.
(Pis 11)Intuitive merging of groups versus (Vir 5)detailed analysis of facts enjoyment, but also (Gem 2) value of information and (Sag 8) philosophical shared passion.
And that gives: value of information = enjoyment analysis of facts = philosophical shared passion = merging of groups. Now the nodal axis isn't working at cross purposes anymore but a solution on how to integrate both ends. And as it is a circle now, it opens doors for finding answers. How to merge groups? by the value of information, analyse this creatively, find support in this wisdom seeking (valuation of information) and there it is, the merging of groups is possible. How to work with the enjoyment for criticism? By creatively analysing the wisdom seeking passion in merging groups by value of information.

Another example, again for arguments sake using keywords: NN Aquarius 1- SN Leo 7, square Taurus 4-Scorpio 10
Gives (Aq 1) freedom of self versus (Leo 7) ego leadership of others, and also (Tau 4) stability of the past and (Sco 10) desire of status.
Translates into freedom of self = long term roots= ego leadership of others = desire for status.
Or to start from any angle, the ego leadership of others gives a desire for status for intellectual freedom of self stemming from long term past roots.
These people should not get married as they conform to family roots by choosing demanding partners what leads to a desire for status of freedom self?

Any comments?