How to Recognize Physical Beauty


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i dont know why the ones i met were like that, for some reason i have problems with air signs in general even though i am one lol
im sure thats the unevolved libras tbh i rarely meet libras that i find cool or interesting its weird
i cant stand pettiness or passive aggressiveness, like for some reason these types of people will always make things 10x worse because they dont know how to just be direct and honest about their feelings, all because they hate conflict or wanna be on good terms with everyone idk?
even eg their opposite sign aries can be blunt at least you know where you stand with them, even if you fight with them when its over its done and all is good but libras tend to drag everything out until the situation cannot be saved
they can be really sweet but sometimes its just in a superficial way, they also switch up easily and just go with what other people think instead of making their minds up themselves which i dislike. a lot of libras i meet are very easygoing, but i hate the way they go about things and handle situations
virgos are so draining to me.. i did meet some cool virgos that were really kind and laidback but they had leo placements. i dont get along with them in general i think that they are smart but a lot of them are so lacking in emotional intelligence that its frustrating, theyre also way too serious a lot of the time
its like they just ruin the vibe for me!!

i find it hilarious that you slapped your brother when he is way older than you lol, thats what he gets for throwing away your cards :ninja: i miss pokemon :(
i think your leo moon and pisces rising make you even ''nicer'' and sagittarius itself a sign that in its positive side can be really nice and funny

of all the elements i think that fire signs have a tendency to be brash or blunt but for that the rest of the chart needs to be looked at. pretty sure every person i met that was rude or cruel for no reason had a badly placed mars or other aspects in the chart that indicated this, some of the most easygoing and nice people i know are fire signs

i also remember that you have an aries mars, im guessing since its dignified here this probably means you handle your anger well and dont hit below the belt. aries is supposed to be aggressive but i think that this depends strongly on other aspects in the chart, a dignified mars without any bad aspects to it is extremely good in making someone handle their anger well imo.
interestingly i got into way more fights and especially with my siblings we could literally rival UFC champions the way we would fight eachother lmao.. and im the one who called sagittarius violent, but here you are the sagittarian pacifist.. does this mean im the villain? LOL
i know how hard it is to cut a family member out of your life, because no matter what they do thats still your family but everything has its limits
imo if he is still acting the way he is and making you feel bad, maybe you should do it. since you guys are not children anymore. he might realize his mistakes and change his ways
My Mars is in Aries, but it is square Saturn in Capricorn.
Haha. Don't feel too bad! I'm more forgiving then most! Siblings fighting physically with each other is more common than people like to admit! As long as it doesn't go too far! Also sometimes the other person started it and you're just defending yourself!

As for Sagittarius bluntness! Yes I used to be very blunt before around age 18, or so! I have calmed down a lot!

To make my post more relevant to this thread! I feel like air rising signs are very 'fresh' and 'social,' which makes them very attractive, even if they're not physically attractive!


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I always found him so likeable.. even though i disagree with some of the things he has done politically, i always felt like he is so charismatic
it fits him a lot, the aquarius risings are listed are also pretty much the same! zendaya especially is extremely loved she seems very authentic and laidback as well as genuine to me
I find Aquarius risings very breathtaking!


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interesting, you think maybe the square to saturn would help with restraint and such? i think this is an aspect that can result in being constantly feeling like being limited or held back but i think it might explain why you dont seem to be violent. btw i think its great that you are not violent yourself i mean obviously thats good lol but i think restraint and an even temper is one of the best traits someone can possess
i agree, i wish i had an air rising they seem relaxed and uninhibited. were doomed with the overemotional scorpio and pisces risings lmao
im joking i think pisces is one of my favourite rising signs! i think having a water rising could be harder on the individual sometimes, than having a fire or air rising. i like the way the houses are set up for them as well
me and my siblings fought so much too but i guess its normal! they are the ones who always start it trust me :coffee:
Yes restraint.


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I would disagree with your perception. For me this is mercurian beauty or uranian. The jaw is too square and the eyebrows are too straight for venusian
Those are general traits of Venus influenced people.But when we go into details the V shaped chin is Aquarian to me and her eye shape isn't necessarily Venusian.


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Brooke Shields can be considered mercurian beauty perhaps ; Sun-Moon Gemini, ASC virgo
Brooke Shields is 1.83m tall. Based on my research, that leaves only Aquarius as her rising sign. So you could go with a Gemini face. Which would give her appearance a somewhat mercurial character. And Virgo's maximum height is at around 1.65m for women (in the West). So that's not an option at all.