How to Professionally Read a Natal Chart


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New Course 1 (How to Professionally Read a Natal Chart) is beginning Mid-to-late March 2023. This is a 30-week in-depth course over Skype, with an emphasis on Evolutionary Astrology - psychological and spiritual astrology.

I keep classes small - 4-8 people - so lots of individual attention. We will meet once a week (To be determined - a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday - the class will decide). You can also take the class without attending the virtual class - download the videos of the claass and get the PDFs of the slide shows, and have special sessions with me for questions and in-person practice.

It is $15 a class, payable before or on the day of class.

Here is the syllabus:…

There is also a Course 2: Predictive Astrology; Course 3: Astro-Psychology, and Course 4, Body-Mind Astrology.

Instructor: Jyoti Josahentara, JayJay Astrology,

Contact me with any questions or interest in joining the class through my website after looking at the syllabus. 🙏
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