How to integrate astrology into your daily life?


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I got into astrology when my life collapsed changed started to grow in new ways. It helped me to understand how I operated with myself in family in work and with friends, both the negative and positive. I began to become aware of the gifts I have, and to focus more on them, and to see the sore spots, my sensitivities and give myself some protection from the vagries of life in those situations.
The transits were also important, the collapse was mirrored by pluto conjunct natal sun and also square natal pluto uranus and chiron. It was my big lesson in life and has completely changed my outlook on life. Astrology helped me not develop a poor me scenario but understand how the universe gives us a life that provides us the learning we need. It also helped me see some things I had that were good but undeveloped so my life has taken some shifts in good directions and I am enjoying it much more. As always I am a work in progress..................


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Froggy said:
So today, as I was looking up astrology things instead of doing homework, I realized a problem I run into often.

Astrology, for me, is a hobby--my biggest hobby/interest, probably. However, it gets hobby status. I do it in my freetime, but quite often I have to push it aside to go about my other pursuits--school, work, etc. And I realized this evening that there is a contradiction in that--astrology is about LIFE: your past, your personality, your relations with others, your future...therefore, I feel like I should be able to study it WHILE living out the areas of my life.

The problem is, I don't know how!!! I spend hours reading about things, but then I shut the books, exit the websites, and go about some other business, forgetting all I read.

So, I was wondering, in what ways have you guys integrated astrology into your everyday life??? How do you practice it hand-in-hand with the rest of your day (rather than just pursing it in your spare time)?

I thought similar thoughts about it. There was a time when all I did was astrology and not really much of anything else. It´s a contradiction, you study about life from a distance and think about the possibilities but most of them never become anything.

To me though I have come to think of Astrology akin to a study, to a meditation, it is part of life and part of the world. If you go about it in the right way. If you think about astrology in terms of the big picture rather than just relations.

I put everything in the context of astrology, like to read biographies and look at the history that I studied at College and put that into an analysis.

Froggy I don´t think you should try "living" astrology as you put it. It is a study, it is a form of analysis which is close in relation to literature with a system and a nomenclature. Just observe your surroundings, look around and think about the elements and the coincidences. That´s what I do.
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At one time I did psychic fairs and read for people with the use of an ephemeris and pocket computer, a Casio - wish I had the PDA for that I had now, as both map and ephereris are unnecessary now!

Right now, it is not a hobby I share with anyone in real life, though I have written a couple of articles on my website, on of which I have been able to share here - though these days, I don't get my palm crossed with silver for writing anything, nor divining.

I have to say, I did not really like the way those who either work with astrology or work with it as a living, categorise people quite so much and when I left the UK, did feel relieved to be away from that.

Here, it is a question of language and culture, after all this time, I still don't know how well I can deal with the expectations people may have here of something like astrology when the culture is so different - I did watch a programme here once depicting a man in front of a laptop, who had a live phone-in, he did his charts on that: it all seemed a very horary-ish approach, all questions like 'should I marry the Cancer or the Leo boy' 'when should I have my operation,' things like that.
Usually my spare time is spent reading astrology books or blogging etc. It's weird last night I was lying in bed and thinking shall I just let astrology go for a while, focus on other areas of my life, as I am finding it stressful fitting astrology in. I look after my son all day and then go to work in the evening and when I get back I sometimes feel tired but will be driven to go and read some more astrology study another chart etc. I look at other astrologer's and wonder how they find the time, maybe it is because it is their full time job, maybe some don't have children, or have they can find more time to pursue the study. I suppose it's different for everyone but this question has definately been on my mind lately especially when I might need to do something more practical to bring extra income in (my Pluto in 2nd is forcing to to fall on my own resources). My SN/Moon/Mercury/Jupiter and Venus are all well aspected to Uranus in 3rd maybe I'm worried I fall too easily on astrology like an easy escape perhaps, my Mars in Aquarius in 6th is certainly trying to integrate it's energy in my daily routine, I really do get bored without the mental stimulation of astrology. I need mental activity and if I am just doing normal routines I really do feel restless and just want to read some psychological astrology rather than do the washing up lol. Although I used to have speakers on my computer and would put astrology radio shows on while cleaning up (sad but true lol). I often wonder how other people fit in this time consuming hobby of ours. :)


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I use it as analytical process to try and understand things when I'm not reading an astrology book or something. Like instead of paying attention to just what someone says to me, I pay attention to how they say it, their body language, if they seem to be contradicting what they are saying by a gesture...because astrology shows us that there is not only a what, but a how, when, where, ect... Or I try to pay attention to what attracts me, what repulses me, my immediate feelings at that exact moment and how they correspond to what I'm thinking about the whole situation, ect.

But then again, I am Virgo rising, I think that is appropriate.

Just find your own way, be observant, and notice if you can find correlations between astrology and real life. For example, how could you astrologically pin down having a conversation with someone? I would definitely say something involving Mercury...conversations involve someone listening and someone speaking, and then switching roles, how would you pin that specific process down? Is it a debate, or an all-out argument. Is it a conversation between loved ones, or two very shy people who know nothing about the other. How is the conversation approached? These are the same analytical questions that are brought up when looking at charts...who, what, where, when, why, how??

Be day, I noticed I kept dropping stuff as I was getting ready for work, and I was wondering why I was being so clumsy. On my way to work, there was a HUGE car accident and a main road was blocked off. On my detour there was a fire, and I had to detour even more!! After the second detour, I got really lost. By the time I got back to a road I knew, I was stuck in horrible traffic!! I wasn't even angry, because I noticed that for about an hour, there was a series of unexpected incidents one after another. When I got to work that day, everyone was in a "rushing about" kind of mood too...So I resolved to pull up a chart for around that time to see if I could find something that would astrologically depict that whole situation, but I forgot to, and can't remember the date/time anymore (it was like a month ago). But that's not what was really important to me. I would guess some hard aspects with Mars/Mercury/Uranus maybe, but that's not really important to me either. What I found important was that I observed a snowballing of events, and I kept myself from getting frustrated and angry about it just out of sheer curiosity of the events and how everything kind of happened at once.

That is not something I would have been able to do before studying astrology.

Astrology can enhance our lives, help us to notice more opportunities, be aware of the formation of bad situations, shed some psychological drama, and even be closer to those we love.
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Hi Froggy!

Actually I find it too disturbing to actually do anything different in my daily life because of astrology. Once you start, where is the end? However, I have begun to notice 'short term transits' as a means to predict where 'a point of gravity' will fall. I mark the days in the calendar as "Bad", "Neutral" or "Good". Whenever there's a series of 3 B's or more, I know some stuff is up I'm not going to like. The only thing I really do is be mentally prepared for a rough week. When it's a "G" week, I generally enjoy much more and am relaxed. Good days for doing stuff you'd normally be anxious about.

You could say I try to take the edge of the surprise and surplus the good moments. The approach works for me at least. :)


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Hello Froggy, good question. I used to work as an astrologer, but from home, not in an office or something like that. I am not that much into really be professional in that way. My ex husband always wanted to push me into going big, databases, advertisement, talks etc. I did not want that. I got my clients by word of mouth and started off doing readings for friends without asking money for it. I became member of the international womens club and then did some talks on Astrology which brought me clients, as well as organising a once a month astro-tea where everyone who was born in that specific month could come. It was held in some local café and hugely popular. I really enjoyed doing that, sitting there with my Ephemeries and my cup of tea! Then I divorced and had to work full time. Astrology was done in the evenings after work and the weekends. Now I am living with a partner again and am not that free to do what I want anymore, but do astrology as much as I can. I cant live without it. One day without it and I feel restless.
I find Shiny Ray's radio listening a great way of keeping in touch with astrology when you have little time. It^s like listening to a spoke book tape by lack of time for reading a book.

Personally I hardly ever look at my own chart, only when I read something interesting in the forum, I think "lets see how that is in my chart". I do keep in mind which heavy planet is transiting my chart at the moment and which major aspects they will make, write that down and that is it. I also look at my chart when something really upsetting happens to me. I want to see why, but I never look at daily transits, in order to see what will be awaiting me as I know that there are so many different interpretations that you will loose yourself in it. Just major transits and progressions is enough for me to know more or less what to expect. I notice Eclipses also of course.
I make my Solar Return but actually look at it more in retrospect than in a future manner, comparing local place or the place where I was at the time. Still not sure which one works best. I only look the very major things in there, no details. Like I said, progressions work better for me, and Solar Arc directions also, but everything in combination, never on it's own.

Lately I thought of following a few month to see what could happen, but I just find more pleasure in doing someone elses chart than my own.
Just dont get too focussed on daily small transits. Everything has to be looked at, also the progressions, so really figuring out what will happen to you is not easy at all, unless you study it very indepth. I am too lazy for that I'm afraid:)

Cheers, Starlink


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Hi Froggy,
The first way of attuning ourselves to daily astrology might be to look at the moon and be aware of where the moon in your chart is, on a daily basis, and how it's aspecting your natal.
I start the day by setting up a transit chart showing the day's activity on my chart. If it's tricky, I become more aware and careful, but don't be frightened by transits. Theres initially a tendency to look at them and think the worst. The worst seldom happens.
A long time ago my own astrology teacher told me some good advice: Look to see what is POSITIVE in the transits, focus on that.A single trine can have a very redeeming effect.
As Starlink pointed out, you also need to consider progressions and solar/lunar returns too.
A transit chart can be read as a horary too, taking yourself as the ascendant. I find this technique provides me with a lot of daily information and it can give you a good idea what to expect that day.
Cheers, Lillyjgc