How to find your career in a chart


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Yes please post a visual chart, these numbers and data very confusing and tedious. We need to see what aspects you have to the 2nd, 6th and 10th houses and their rulers etc.
I posted my visual chart in a thread that I made, only to get my thread deleted. I'll try again..


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If you use vedic i'd say you are capricorn rising. If you are a capricorn rising then aquarius should be in your second house in vedic my friend, gemini in 6th and libra in 10th. I have aries in my tenth which does mean self employment, i have sagittarius at 22 degrees in my 6th which is teaching, i have leo in my second. I examine other peoples birth charts then i obsrve their behaviour (ceres in 1st house cancer rising) and to top it all off my psychic ability DOUBLE reinforces that sidereal is right. I take astrology seriously because i have an empathic concern for the unfortunate (moon in pisces) that is the reason why i study astrology because i seek the truth (moon in 9th)...i study metaphysics (moon in 9th house)...I have north node in capricorn (humanity) at 12 degrees in 6th house (service) what does that tell you?! TEACHER. I need to see your western birth chart or give me your date of birth and time and location then i can allow you to make true sense. Your quote on your writing skill and strong interest is good cause that stands out strongly making it easier for me to find out where that interest is coming from. At 58 years old feeling like running away from home? no thats enough motivation for me to change peoples lives, thats not good, thats not good.

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Harriet, I was struck by your last sentence. Only you can decide your life. Not astrology, not a bunch of total strangers on an Internet forum.

The 2nd is your money house. Your vocation or calling is your 10th house. Your work in the sense of "just a job" and the daily grind is a 6th house matter.

Please post your chart. We can't respond well to bits and bytes. The ones available for free at Astrodienst at in their free charts pages seem easiest to read.

Right-click on your chart to save it to your computer, once you've got it. Then at the bottom of your next message here, click on "go advanced' and "managed attachments" to post it here as a thumbnail.
Hi, everyone.
I don't know much about this stuff; don't know how to 'put visuals on', or what that means.
I just want to know if Aries in the second house with no planets in it
means I am to start my own business. I'm tired of working for unethical idiots who ruin their own businesses and put me out of work.
(Note: My Mars in Sagittarius in tenth house is expressing this!) [ok, but we need to *see* how it's aspected!, self employment can be seen in 5th house]

Also, Pars Fortunae seems to work out to 11 degrees Taurus in 3rd house, with my Jupiter in Taurus at 20 degrees in 3rd house, and my Uranus in Cancer in 5th House at 11 degrees.

At 58 yrs old, I'm not sure I have the energy or brain power to start
a business, but here is what I'm interested in,(or what people tell me I'm good at or should be doing):
Something with children--I have good ideas, but not much patience!

Food Prep and/or 'Food & Nutrition'- in a creative, free-to-be-me environment--NOT FAST FOOD!!

Writing about people I have known who have had interesting and unusual lives (I have writing skill, & and strong interest in writing,bordering on the obssessive!)---as well as the curiosity of Aquarius Ascendant!!!, with sensitivity of Pisces in first house to listen well. [welcome Aqu Asc from one to another, pisces then will rule 2nd house and this is where the neptune comes in, not particularly 1st house, Aqu is pure logic ]

MY QUESTION: Does Pars Fortunae and Jupiter in third house mean that
I should definitely write? Or now that Oprah's off t.v., does that mean I
can finally have my own show?! (ha,ha!) [need to see what mercury doing, if in aspect to neptune can suggest creative writing]

“However, in the case of both significations one must keep in mind that no one indication in the chart, not even the Part of Fortune, can be taken by itself as a total indicator of any area of life. For health one must also look at the Ascendant, its ruler, the Moon and its ruler. Also the sixth and eighth houses as indicators of illness and death respectively have strong indications for health. For material prosperity one should also look at the second house, the tenth house, and their rulers.”

“The fortune indicated by this part is not necessarily materialistic or even tangible, though it can be. It depends on the sign and house location of the Part of Fortune. The benefit can be on the physical, intellectual, emotional, and/or spiritual plane of experience. In all cases it is through the cultivation and expression of this point that one will experience harmony and a sense of well-being.”

“The Part of Fortune represents worldly success, and is associated with the physical body and health as well. It can be indicative of the career or vocation. Worldly success and prosperity are associated with the Part of Fortune, and both its sign and house placement suggests innate abilities and talents--areas of life and qualities that are expressed naturally.”
just found a site for calculating this and many more Parts or Lots --

What are the areas covered or ruled by Taurus that would guide my choices of a late-life career?


One more important note: Chiron = Capricorn 6 degrees in 11th House
(and 12th House Capricorn sign with no planets).

Help me decide my life!!!
Can I suggest you start your own thread in Vocational forum posting your natal, with progressions and transits.

Firstly, for a proper evaluation you should consider posting your chart with progressions and transits on same wheel found in extended chart selection. Reduce the ratio of orbs to 80%, select smallest image size 63% on picture,then choose house system (my personal preference is for Equal house rather than the default of placidus), right mouse click and select 'save target pic as' and save to hard drive then upload here

the above threads are 'how to' get, select and post the correct charts.

How to find your career- sticky in Vocational Forum

Money & you
career significators
planets conj MC

Professional & Destiny
sticky in vocational astrology forum
Astro’s vocation section

My thoughts and links on vocation

Waybread’s thoughts on Vocation

Career options are assessed by MC any planets conjunct, where the ruler of MC is placed, it’s aspects, then 2nd house ‘how you earn your money’ and planets there, ruler of cusp and where it’s placed, then 6th house of ‘type of work you do’ any planets there and how they are aspected.

Researching rulers of houses will help you understand more where I joining the dots so to speak


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get back on subject, to all


Please get back onto the subject of how to find a career in a chart. This is NOT the place to debate effectiveness of Western vs. others styles of astrology. Also, please do NOT post anti-astrological method posts. If you have a point to make about how to use a particular astrological method, make your point. If you just want to complain about everyone ELSE'S methods, go to a different astrological forum website and don't post to the AW forum.

Back on subject,



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AG (20 years old? himmmmm) Why don't you start a new thread on "sidereal vs. tropical" and see who chimes in?

Some of us have been studying astrology since before you were born. It is just possible there is a case to be made for tropical.


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Please read this post very carefully, I beg of you to listen intently to every single word that I write, please Just give a chance, please. Look I'm real sorry for coming across so frank cause that's Just who I am. I get very emotional when I need to protect something that I love and that is the people on the earth including you, I care about you I care about everyone on this forum. I know you guys have been studying astrology and I've been trying to figure out what it is that is keeping western astrologists attached to the tropical methods. They obviously believe tropical is true because tropicals predicitions can be correct. For instance In tropical say someone has cancer sun, and the sun is in conjunction with their sign when transiting, in tropical. Now let's say someone has their sun in leo and the sun is in conjunction in their sign when transiting in sidereal. If either one reads an aspect of Sun conjunct sun that interpretation will have the same meaning, only the sun is in two different signs because of the two different methods. So therefore the only thing that is differenciating the two methods is the signs that are aspecting, not the planets. It's Just that I only go by one rule and that is seeing is believing. I knew I had to divise a strategy to distinguish the difference between the two, as I explained earlier a simple strategy that I used was to examine my ascendant. The mask we wear when we meet new people, I examined the interpretation of my tropical ascendant which is Leo, then I examined the interpretation of my sidereal ascendant which is Cancer. I experimented between the two by being aware of my projection when I met new people. Only to find I had no such Leo rising characteristics when I meet new people, now because that Is simply so easy to rationalize which is correct tropical or sidereal I then studied my house positions using the equal house system. What I'm like in relationships in the 7th and so on and so on. It wasn't until I read the interpretation of my Pisces moon in the ninth house did I actually become convinced that sidereal acknowledged the projection of myself. Now I am hoping my articulation and my speech can be noticeable as having Virgo in my 3rd house. Once I was convinced I was then frustrated because now I knew that western was incorrect, to a certain - degree. As I mentioned before the only way to become convinced that tropical is correct was by examining the transits of the planets to a persons own planet in their natal chart, not the signs that the planets were transiting, Just the interpretation of the aspects themselves. Another thing that become quite alarming and EXTREMELY interesting was my gemini in my 12th house. I have Jupiter in my 12th house in 10 degrees Cancer since my Cancer ascendant is 22 degrees Jupiter will be situated before the 1st house. Numerous times I have been incredibly lucky. I feel a sense of security wherever I go, when I look at the moon in the sky I see a face I ask other people if they see a face they say they see something else but it is always different. My moon is in pisces which is ruled by jupiter and it's uncanny how my moon is positioned in my 9th house which is also ruled by jupiter. I myself do not believe of coincdences there is always a scientific reason for absolutely everything. Because the 12th house rules the sub-concious mind i feel as if Jupiter is trying to 'communicate' with me by using my sub-councious mind to look at signs around me that signify what he is trying to tell me. To reinforce that I was walking to the bus stop up the road the other month only to find the zodiac sign of mercury carved into the pavement. I do not understand how that zodiac sign of mercury was carved into the pavement which happens to Just be on the path that I take. Gemini is one of the rulers of mercury. It is like a hidden force that is trying to communicate, but the question is WHY is he trying to communicate with me. Lately I have been lost with no direction. I feel as if he is trying to point me into the correct path which will lead me to my success in the world. Showing me Dragonball Z videos (I know hilairous he is funny) of characters transforming themselves to become more powerful, to ascend past my limitations. I know the 9th house is outgrowing limitations and all I've been doing is watching dragonball z videos where the characters are transforming themselves. Another uncanny thing is my psychic ability, I will be given a spontaneous thought of a specific person to find moments later that that person arrives close to me, or rings me seconds, minutes after I have that spontaneous thought. I was thinking that sidereal has acknowledged far too much for me. At that point I knew I had to do something, to the point where I even asked a western sidereal astrologist how to convert tropical astrologists into sidereal, he hasn't replied yet though. The more motivated I am to change your perspective the more I try to explain things eloquently because I want you to understand that there is something wrong. The more I think about humanity the more serious I get with my explanations. I hope you have read this intently and tried to have visualized my explanations inside your mind so that you can have a crystal clear understanding that all I am simply trying to say is that all astrology ever was and always will be, sidereal. I pray to God at night asking him how can I save these people, I cry because I have no control over this. All these people man, I Just CARE ay I Just CCAAARRRREEE Soooooooooooooooo much to the point where I can get a bit tempered in my speech. I'm sorry ok I'm sorry I Just want world peace like everyone else but I fear that one man cannot bring Justice to those who are innocent all I know is that I HAVE GOT to TRY my BEST allow the blinded to see the truth. If it wasn't for my pisces moon in the ninth, I would have never studied astrology at all. I beg of you.


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Jupiter is also making me listen to songs that are relative to my ascension. There is a movie coming out on my birthday (8th of septmeber) here in New Zealand. It is called 'The change up'.


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AG, if you could break your messages into paragraphs, each starting with a topic sentence, your messages would be easier to follow.

Look. Basically both tropical and sidereal zodiacs are based upon 30-degree pie-sectors of the heavens. Our signs got unhinged from the constellations over 2 millenia ago. The constellations are of varying widths: Aries scarcely touches the ecliptic, while Virgo takes up a lot of real estate along the ecliptic. So neither tropical nor sidereal gets virtue points as a more faithful representation of what actually occurs in the heavens.

The tropical zodiac is based upon the solar cycle of the year. The sidereal system accounts for the precession of the equinoxes. Each makes sense according to its own internal logic.

Why do I use tropical modern western astrology? In this system my planets are mostly in air and fire signs. I am now in my early 60s, and looking back on my life, I have no doubt that the "excitement" (fire) of ideas (air) is a better match with my biography than a chart that is mostly earth (practical, material) and water (feeling, emotion) would be.

When I started to learn astrology ca. 1990, the tropical zodiac was pretty much all there was. Today, we have had an explosion of interest in Vedic and other "schools" of astrology.

However, debates between the proponents of different schools of astrology, as well as different house systems, have convinced me that aspects are what I should focus upon first in a chart. Aspects will hold regardless of a planet's (debatable) sign or house.

AG, you are not alone among western astrologers who prefer the sidereal system. You are in the minority, but you do have some company--precisely because some people find sidereal suits them better. I just wouldn't make a meal out of it.

Just a minor correction. Gemini is not "one of the rulers of Mercury". Conversely, Mercury is the planetary ruler of Gemini, and also of Virgo. If you want to make something cosmic about a glyph in the pavement, far be it from me to limit your sources of inspiration. I think most of us who saw it would just assume that someone had left some astrological grafitti, and let it go at that. Ditto for "dragonball Z videos", whatever they are.

If you pray to God, I hope you will consider whether your nickname is appropriate; and whether it is appropriate to scold people regarding how they practice astrology, which many Christian faiths proscribe. But more to the point, I cannot imagine that the God who created the universe really cares what zodiac you or I subscribe to. It's like praying that your favourite football team will win their next match.

If you want to convince people that your method is best, then start a different thread in which you demonstrate its correctness. But this is a thread about careers, so to do this here would be too much of a hijack.

BTW, based upon your post, your best zodiacal friends should be Saturn and Mercury--the rulers of rational, dispassionate thought.


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Alright, I'm sorry about all of this. I give up. I have tried all that I can. I think only some people are supposed to know about sidereal. God speed, sorry.
Hi, guys! Harriet here. WOW! What a discussion going---Sidereal vs Tropical. I won't be long; just a few comments, and one special message to AstroGod. First, I started with sidereal years ago, because that was easier for me to figure mathematically. It came close to 'true'. But a professional did mine in Tropical, and is more accurate. It was stupendous. I could even predict when a certain trouble maker in my life would show up---always 'unexpectedly', until I looked for moon in certain sign.
What I want to say to AstroGod is you remind me of a guy I used to know who spent all his time and energy trying to convince everyone that his way of thinking was right, and trying to convince everyone to agree with him and do things HIS way. Guess what! He had Moon in LEO!!! and
Mercury and Venus in Aries!!! Relax and let everyone choose their own path, or you will end up exhausted, with possible heart attack, stroke, or nervous breakdown!! Learn this early and save your life!!!
Dear AstroGod,
Your information was enlightening. I respect what you have learned.
I had never even heard of the vedic system.
A comment on my chart. The way it works out in tropical, places both Aquarius and Pisces in my first house. (That's just FYI) I have always 'felt' like both.
The house placement of planets changed when Tropical was used to figure my horoscope by professionals, and it came out more accurately. Really clarified things.
I understand what you mean about how one system seems to 'fit' you more than another; that's why I switched. The degrees of the planets in the signs were 'right on spot' in tropical; it allowed me to pinpoint days and even hours when trouble might come, ALONG WITH A VERY STRONG, WEIRD INTUITION, which also guides me.
(I call this intuition, Holy Spirit, Cosmice Consciousness, God Mind, etc.)

There is something else I wanted to say, besides talking about career.

I just finished reading an old biography of Lenny Bruce, called
"Ladies and Gentlemen, Lennie Bruce". (c 1974)
Lennie was always so worked up trying to get the world to see what
he saw, the way he saw it. The frustration, angst, emotional pain of
trying so hard to get people to see what he was saying was part of what killed him. He felt frustrated that the world didn't 'get' him. He wanted to change the world, but he never learned that that is a co-operative effort, requiring ALL people in the world to agree and work together to make it happen.
Everyone needs to feel their ideas are received with respect and some degree of consideration. I get the sense that you feel your ideas haven't been received or considered. They have been. But we are all free to agree or disagree, as we choose, and to prefer our own way.

"I took the other road...because it was grassy and wanted wear...and
that has made all the difference." --Robert Frost, The road not taken

The person I mentioned in my last post was someone I loved, but he had some of the same prominent signs you do (Pisces, Aries, Leo). My comment to you was to caution you not to become over-excited or strident in expressing your beliefs to others. He exhausted himself emotionally and physically trying to convince others to see things from his viewpoint. Be aware that you can teach others best BY QUIET EXAMPLE as well as with words; and by gentle persuasion (Pisces) rather than aggressive arguing, which only makes people more resistant. That is something all Leo's learn in their life---righteous dominion. The difference between a good ruler or leader and not-so-good. Since you have Sun in Leo, it means that this life is learning to grow into being a righteous leader. The good news is your Pisces Moon, did you say? Let your gentle Pisces shine, and don't let the bright rays of Leo sun obliterate the softer
light of moon.

Love, Harriet
Does the Asc. sign have a say in our carreer choice in terms of our abilities or likes?

not really, it's your outer mode of expression when you meet new people...
Basic astrology
Now basically your sun sign is your 'core beliefs, values, ego' and Asc is your physical body, mode of expression and mask and persona that we all wear and hide behind, but definitely not what's going on underneath. What's going on underneath is your Sun sign. Moon sign, house placements and aspects describe your emotional and intuitive responses, also describes your view of your mother, as saturn describes your father by sign and house position.

So, think of a glass milk bottle the bottle is your Asc and your sun the milk, but the milk still has to 'come out' through the glass neck of the milk bottle....

Now aspects within a natal chart represent 'facets' of our personality, because we are all multifaceted beings. What these do is 'break down and compartmentalise' these facets into smaller bite size chunks. This does take quite a lot of self analysis and objectivity to 'see yourself' and why you do certain things and behave in certain ways. Actually it can be quite good therapy...

Remember back to your school days an opposition is 180', square 90', trine 120', and sextile 60' Now challenged aspects are conj (depending on the planets, cos some like each other and some really don't) squares and oppositions. Easy aspects are conj (if the planets get along) eg: Jupiter conj Moon, sextile and trine. Quincunx is inbetween (depending on the planets) causes health strains and unresolved or hard to balance planets/energies.


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How about when your career choice is a way of expressing yourself. For example, My Asc. Sign is Piscis and I am very drawn to the arts...


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My MC is in scorpio,6th house(cancer),2nd(pises) and ascendant is Aquarius.
so apart from different interests my interest also is in those thing which are related to Aquarius like humanitarian work, interest in astrology, computer science.

How about when your career choice is a way of expressing yourself. For example, My Asc. Sign is Piscis and I am very drawn to the arts...


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Your ascendant has a role to play in your career. There are important career indicators in a chart, like the 10th and 6th houses and their rulers. But you could imagine someone being good at something, yet unhappy in it because it didn't meet the individual's personality needs.

Some careers such as teaching and sales are best suited to people who are comfortable in presenting themselves in front of others. Some jobs are physically demanding. These are first house issues.