How to find direction


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If I want to find what direction in the world I shoyld move to,shoyld I look at house where Asc ruler is,where 9th ruler is or....?

Lilly seemed to have used both and also where benefics were. Thats a bit confusing


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Are you talking about a horary chart, or your natal chart?

If it's a horary chart, you need to post it.

If it's a natal chart, you're posting on the wrong board. This section is only for horary questions.


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I didnt ask yet

For that reason, I moved this topic to Horary Technique. The subforums titled "Horary Questions on ______" are only for specific questions that have already been asked, with the corresponding horary chart. Questions about how to do horary, without a specific horary question and chart, belong on this board.


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Socrates, in what way would this be a sensible question? It makes more sense to pick a specific destination, and then ask about that.

Basically the ascendant is due east, the descendant is due west. The MC is south, and the IC is north. This is kind of the reverse of modern mapping, where north is at the top of the map, but back when horoscopes were developed this hadn't been standardized.

Then just use your cardinal directions as compass points. If your significator is in the 8th house, for example, the direction would be southwest.