Well-known member


Well-known member

“Bardo is a Tibetan word
meaning ‘...intermediate stage..’ or ‘..transitional stage..’ :)
or ‘,’”
said Mingyur Rinpoche.
“..In our lives, these special moments, the in-between moments
are really important.
They help us grow, learn, explore who we are, and gain insight.
If we know how to use them :)
and how to use this opportunity to see our potential
then it will really benefit our lives..”

“The biggest gap that we will experience is the moment of our dying
- the big day..”
says Mingyur Rinpoche.

“..If you know death and dying practice,
you will die joyfully. And that joy cannot compare
to the joy you know now.
That joy is beyond concept..”

Rinpoche says everyone has this luminosity of mind :)
but we cannot see it due to the thoughts, emotions, perceptions
and memories that obscure our true nature.
“..But when we die, all these will dissolve..” he says.
What if that recognition could occur before death? :)
What if, during our lifetime, we recognized our essential nature

through the practice of Mahamudra, the sublime teachings on recognizing one’s awakened nature?