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Each of us longs for a happy life ;)
No one will create problems and suffering for himself by his own efforts
each of us acts with the intention of filling the coming days with happiness.
we are focused solely on ourselves
and show little concern for others
- based on selfish aspirations
- our actions don't align with reality.
We commit inappropriate actions and as a result
we reap all kinds of undesirable difficulties
created exclusively by ourselves.
This is why we need a healthy and appropriate outlook on things
with the well-being of others in mind.
This is of utmost importance.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama



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You came naked,

You will go naked.
You arrived weak,
You will leave weak.
You came without money and things,
You will leave even without money and things.
Your first bath? Someone washed you,
Your last bath? Someone will wash you.
This is life!!! :)
So why so much malice, so much envy, so much hate, so much resentment
and so much selfishness?
BE KIND to everyone and do good deeds.

We have limited time on Earth don’t waste it in uselessness.