How my chart goes with malefics,should i worry for that?


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I don't think you need to worry about them.
Strong exalted Mars does give your Moon/your inner feeling life kind of a hard time by squaring the Moon. Moon doesn't like it, isn't too comfortable. But Mars does like your Moon and that gives me confidence that some better balance beween Moon Mars can take shape as your life unfolds and your chart progresses.

Saturn is largely unaspected. It highlights your life in your family of original, near the IC. So matters can a be a bit hard at home or with parents.

Everyone has malefics in their charts somewhere. We all have hard stuff to deal with. But I don't think there is any material value in worrying about them. We just meet them as they arise in prominence in our charts, and then watch them retreat. Until they arise again.

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Do i need to worry about malefics in my chart?
You are a person - who anyway likes to worry whole day below the surface - with a strong pluto in fix sign scorpio intercepted in 3rd house - mental mind.

Fix sign planets are not easy to be told from outside to change something to different. Fix sign planet energies in personal quarter of a person's chart -need their own time to find own decision for a change of own beliefs and thoughts.

As you are the only one thinking in your head - and your own mental mind
And your pluto is transit activated now by transit jupiter in your 8th house.

Jupiter in transit is known for being able to blow up a matter a lot and to exaggerate in the beginning of transit - to get the chart owner's full attention for a necessary change.
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