How many years until I don't have to worry about money?


I am a stay at home mom. My husband is self employed.

I asked the question, "How many more years until I don't have to worry about money."

!st house (Me): Scorpio (I'm Mars & Moon)
2nd house (I think I should use this house): My money (Jupiter)
Mars and Jupiter have a conjunction with a 9 degree orb.
According to John Frawley's Horary Textbook pg. 127-129
-Mars makes that conjunction at 14 degrees to Jupiter.
(Mars 0 degrees - Mars 14 degrees (making the aspect) = 14 years???

The Moon is at 29 degrees. Is that bad?

I'm I right? I'm I wrong?

Thank you to anyone who might help.


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I'm not sure this is the question to ask. Is there a reason you assume you won't have to worry about money in future?

There's a Mars (rules you) Saturn (denial) square, with Saturn in your house. This does not speak of plenty. And the moon is going to to oppose Mars (you) and square Saturn in one more degree.

So maybe you're asking more out of frustration/wishful thinking that the money situation won't matter at some point, instead of knowing it won't?


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A better question for this one would be something like, will I have x amount of money within x time.

The chart you casted shows restrictions in all areas.
Saturn on ASC, shows restrictions and worries. So it is there to continue.
Moon is opposing Mars soon and also Jupiter, so the Moon is not going to help you.
You are Mars and coming into a conjunction with Jupiter soon - probably 9-10 weeks or months. BUT Jupiter is in a bad shape in Virgo, so it won't be much money, although a small sum maybe.


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a101, I agree with Oddity. I sometimes see questions that look as though the querent has tried to twist them a bit to get a more favourable answer out of the chart. As you know, some people worry about money their entire lives-- regardless of their financial status-- so "when" may not be the operative question.

Saturn in the first house here may describe your feeling of deprivation, but it can also suggest that matters will not work out as you hoped.

Mars does eventually perfect its conjunction to Jupiter, but neither Mars nor Jupiter are picking up good essential dignity, and the perfection doesn't happen for a while. The late-degree moon opposes Mars. Mars and that first house Saturn form a partile square.

So I won't say that your money will never work out for you! Merely, that you may not be on a good trajectory just now to have your money support you. For example, you may have difficulty in using what money you do have in a supportive way. And that this question won't help you to get there.


Oddity, Arena and Waynread, thank you for all your insight. I really appreciate your replys. The situation I'm in is frustrating. I'm hoping in time things will change, that's why I asked in years. (But I just read that horary doesn't work in years. Don't know, lots of confusing information on what's right) While my husband is in school I know our situation won't change much. Thank you all again.


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The problem with the question is that it assumes that at some point in the future, money will no longer be a concern for you.

And that isn't something we can assume. So it might be better to ask if your finances will improve, rather than when they'll be so good you need never be concerned with them. The 'when' part assumes a whole lot of improvement that may not happen.

Do you understand the difference?

Horary can work for a lifetime, though I generally advise people against asking those kinds of questions. Better to look at shorter periods of time, but that's not a limitation of horary.