how many retrogrades do you have?

How Many Retrograde Planets Do You Have?

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I have retrograde Chiron in the 12th in Taurus. Does that count? What does that mean, I wonder? I had heard it had something to do with healing instincts, etc....


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a good friend has six, all from Mars to Pluto, and I will just say life has not been kind to her. But to me she is like someone who's been here long before us, very wise and genuine, and I do believe she's an old soul, she has to be - to bear all the miseries life brought upon her. she manages to smile quite a lot, too ;)


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I have 5 retrogrades: Jupiter in Aquarius in the 11th, Saturn in Scorpio in the 7th, Uranus in the 8th, Neptune in the 9th and Pluto in the 7th house.

I definitely have an inward focus overall. Those Saturn retrograde interpretations in particular are unfortunately pretty accurate for me. I'm shy, not assertive enough and feel pretty isolated and different from other people.


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i have two:

JupiterAries29°34'41in house 5retrograde


NeptuneCapricorn5°19'32in house 2retrograde
(yeah i am doubting myself on a whole)


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I wonder if all of us with 5 or more have had a tough life then? Just read some previous posts indicating this..and I have from Jupiter to Pluto too and my younger life has been full of sorrows too...i guess being able to look inwards is the key really to connect to inner resources to get you thru it..


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Ace said:
Did you know that 36% of the charts of US presidents had zero retrograde planets? Very interesting read.
That is interesting. It nullifies what I had read:
"people with at least 3 retrograde planets are destined to be/become famous." [EDIT: Maybe they become famous because they have it harder than the rest, and still fight and succed?...] I should check some V.I.P. chart to that end...

Those of you who posted you have more than 3 retrograde planets, can you tell us what you do, or if you are famous, well established, in any way?
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I have five...all of the planets from Jupiter to Pluto. i also have two grand crosses (weak ones), a grand trine in water, Pisces Sun and Saturn in Scorpio in the 6th.

I thought I found my perfect partner a couple of years ago. But, she has Venus Retrograde in Gemini in the 9th inconjunct Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd and squaring both her Pluto and mine in Leo. Currently, there are SEVEN major seven series aspects in our composite chart. And, did I mention that Pluto has begun it's 14-year transit of my 8th house?

I've been saying that I've wanted to take an ecstatic dance through hell...:)


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I have retrograde in:

Aries Venus in the 8th
Scorpio Saturn in the 3rd
Sagittarius Uranus in the 4th
Scorpio Pluto in the 3rd;

Libra Juno in the 2nd
Scorpio Vesta in the 3rd

My biggest woes come from my Venus in retrograde, alas :rolleyes:
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Soul Friend

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Re: Neptune Retrograde

Lorielle said:
Retro Mercury 27 Aquarius
Retro Uranus 23 Leo
Retro Pluto 6 Virgo
Retro Neptune 11 Scorpio

Grand water trine, Sun, Mars, and Neptune... I worked as a professional psychic for 2 years... but I can't read for myself to save my soul.


Hi Lorielle,

You're not the only one. My missus is a 7th generation tea leaf reader and while she has an amazing accuracy with outsiders we in her own family sometimes feel quite frustrated by her. I've been known to call her the psychic without a clue. sshh! Don't tell her I said that. I've known a number of folks to prefer swapping readings. Maybe that's why. Personally I feel the things I need to know, I'm given.


R neptune / 28 scorpio
R pluto / 23 virgo
R jupiter / 1 libra
R uranus / 1 libra
R venus / 26 aries :86: that really makes my day :rolleyes:

love ;
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I have only one as well: Saturn @ the end of the 6th but usually interpreted in the 7th. I can tell you that I have always liked older men. I'm dating one who is 14 yrs my senior, and I'm almost 40 and still haven't married. I don't know how the retrograde affects it though.

I have retrograde saturn in Virgo in the 7th
(and it's part or a T-cross: squaring venus in Gemini in the 5th and R neptune sag in the 11th...)

I've always dated men about my age and am married...and now having my saturnal return... and a baby.

I also have retrograde uranus scorpio in the 9th house, retrograde Pluto (conjuct my moon) in Libra the 8th, retrograde neptune in sag in the 11th.

And I have Jupiter Stationary direct in Virgo in the 7th which is conjunct Mars in Leo 7th (and nn in Leo). These two form a grand trine with R neptune in sag 11th and Mercury Aries in the 2nd house. :rolleyes:


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hahah i have 5 ,jupiter neptune uran saturn and pluto ..
but i find that to be a blessing .
i would not like a boring life.

also i wonder if these people with 0 retrogates can understand us others?
have u ever thought of that?

and i m also curious what chiuron retrograde means>?


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I have 3
Neptune in Sag, 1st house
Jupiter in Aquarius, 3rd house
Mercury in Cancer, 9th house :(

I also have chiron retrograde..I'm not sure what that means, and it's in my 6th house...thoughts anyone?


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angeldust said:
also i wonder if these people with 0 retrogates can understand us others?

good question. I have only one retrograde planet and feel so much 'younger' than several people I know with 4, 5 or 6 retro planets.
It often feels like I will never be able to truly understand them, no matter how close we are. Young vs. Old souls as you may,..


I have five retrogrades, and interestingly they are all above the horizon, I have always pondered what this could symbolize.

Jupiter Rx Aquarius 12th
Neptune Rx Capricorn 10th
Saturn Rx Scorpio 9th
Pluto Rx Scorpio 8th

I have found Saturn Rx to be the most difficult and obvious to most, usually relating to "bad" parenting (usually the father), or as I call lacking a dominant pack leader in early life. The authoritative fatherly role was missing or was too passive and lacked the ability to provide strong leadership.

angeldust said:
also i wonder if these people with 0 retrogates can understand us others?
have u ever thought of that?
I have wondered the same thing, and I personally think they have a hard time understanding or relating to "retrograde types". I think it was Martin Schulman who coined that phrase, that if you have a certain amount of retrograde planets you're considered that. I have always felt alienated and just "different" from most people. Retrograde individuals are extremely introverted and internalized, and tend to do things literally backwards from the rest, so other people who are more "direct", just don't get it or find us weird, lol. But I think it's a necessary part of life, the retrograde challenges the status quo, and people who take on that archetype bring new things into the world or provide others with a different perspective.
angeldust said:
and i m also curious what chiuron retrograde means>?
I read somewhere that Chiron retrograde means that you have had past lives as a healer or shaman and bring with you in this life powerful healing abilities, and are naturally drawn to various healing modalities, although I'm not sure how true that is. :confused:

Barbara Hand Clow relates it to a triple deity in Druidic theology, the three aspects of which are "Beli (future destroyer), Yesu (present and savior), and Taran (past and creator)". She largely draws from Shulman's perspective on retrogrades having three dimensions: the individual is either in the past, in the present, or moving ahead of themselves to the future. "This triple deity is present for those who have Chiron retrograde. That is, they are worried about the future and meaning of destructive forces; they feel the essence of the present or savior; they search for the esoteric meaning of the past or creation". [Clow, Barbara. Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets. Pg. 191] So yeah, whatever that means, lol. I was a little disapointed in her overall interpretation, but basically she says individuals with Chiron retrograde are more drawn to the esoteric, magical, or occult dimensions of life, but so am I and I don't have Chiron retrograde. :rolleyes:
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I dont have any retro. But maybe chiron only... Maybe it doesnt count?? Isnt it always retro??

Chiron isn't always retrograde, and it does have significance. Possibly that the individual would be a lot more spiritual or mystical then they appear at first, most likely something a person would uncover only after getting to know them. Retrogrades tend to hide things, and so it can also be an indication that the individual is a healer, but that those qualities are hidden or dormant somehow, or only present in their immediate and personal lives.