how many retrogrades do you have?

How Many Retrograde Planets Do You Have?

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There's nothing going backwards in my natal world :)


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Lapis said:
This is slightly off topic but I didn't know where to put it and I feel its important enough to share.

A couple nights ago I slowly awoke in the middle of the night and was able to hover in that great state between being awake and asleep. While this was going on I heard myself and someone else having a conversation. It was like I was being tutored which is pretty common while we're asleep actually. The frustrating part is that I was only able to remember a couple of sentences! :( Anyway here's what I heard -

"With both Mercury and Uranus retrograde natally this makes it much easier for you to function outside of linear time and therefor perceive certain lifeforms and realities that exist beyond physicality."

I offer this up to those of you that might find this information interesting or helpful.

Hi. I do keep hearing that natal retros indicate psychic tendencies. I've heard that about Merc retro, and recently Jupiter retro too.

Natally I have Merc, Neptune and Saturn retro, and it's nothing to write home about. With Saturn retro, I do enjoy Saturn the most when tr Saturn is retro, that's for sure. Life can be very smooth then. My Merc retro is a pain most of the time, esp when I have to deal with computer problems, surprise, surprise. I'm a fairly intelligent person, but when it comes to computers, I feel like a 6-yr old, and I need assistance for everything but the minor things and naturally avoid computer training like the plague for some reason. When tr Merc goes retro, things seem to only get worse for my natal Merc retro, but there have been exceptions.

Neptune retro, I haven't figured that one out yet at all. Maybe the links provided will give some insight that will click for me. I do have the Schulman book, will have to dig it out. I can't read the green print for some reason.

Cool, Lapis. I've experienced that in-between state tutoring too, and I love it!



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Hi All

The disappearing topic has returned :) Just as I'm struggleing with my retrogrades!

I have 4 - Merc, Mars, Uranus and Pluto!
Merc in Aqu in 3
Mars in Leo
Ur and Plu in Virgo conj MC!


With both Mercury and Uranus retrograde natally this makes it much easier for you to function outside of linear time and therefor perceive certain lifeforms and realities that exist beyond physicality."

This is interesting, and timely. I have retro Merc in Aqu and Retro Ur in Virgo! Plus, following Fris's suggestions and looking at the decants - Merc is in the Ur decan and Ur is in the Merc Decan! A mutual reception type thingy? How can I interpret this? Not pyschic (as far as I'm aware), but I am getting flashes of inspiration type stuff, which if I concentrate too much dissapear as fast as they come!

Aqu Moon

When tr Merc goes retro, things seem to only get worse for my natal Merc retro, but there have been exceptions.

I was beginning to think there was something wrong with me - I don't have the expected clarity of thought. total confusion time as opposed to part- time. I think I'll shut up now, its working again!! :eek:

Has anyone got any suggestions for Retro Mars in Leo, please? Something to start me off? "All the thinks I could think" have all thunked out! :eek:

Thanks a lot

take care



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Natal Retrogrades


Retro Merc in Aquarius? Wow! Yes, one of the first things one has to learn about perceiving 'things' both psychically and just through an expanded state of consciousness, is to become really good at unfocused focus or aggressively passiveperception! To perceive and retain information and images etc. that exist at a higher faster dimension, we have to learn how to look without looking directly. Much like seeing non-physical beings only with your peripheral vision. When you turn your head to look at it directly, it's invisible to that type of physical 'looking'! You have to train yourself to use other tools to see and perceive and hear and.........;) This retro Merc does this naturally I feel.

I'd guess with these two retrograde placements that's what you're having to learn about at different levels. With Merc retro in Aquarius that you're able to tap into the collective consciousness (both on Earth and larger Humanity) and also the akashic. I'd think you could perceive also by jumping time both forward and into the past and get some info about how the human group cycles through phases of learning. This is a potent placement for Merc hel, and explains why you see and experience 'reality' the way you do much of the time!


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Neptune Retrograde


At the old forum those quotes in green and orange worked. Not here however! You could go blind trying to just look at those colored quotes here.

I was so glad when I discovered that you too had Merc retro. (in Gemini right?) Mine is retro in Sag and when transiting Merc goes retro, I could not understand some of the things you'd post to save my life! It was so frustrating not to mention highly embarrassing. It's like some mental wires get crossed and some things look to me like Chinese no matter how hard I struggle with them. I finally learned to relax and let it go, then things get easier when Merc is transiting retrograding. :cool:
" Retrograde Neptune Personality -

The personality of the individual with Retrograde Neptune is not easily understood by others. His motives do not possess the common sense that one expects to be at the root of all moivation. Instead, he vibrates to a higher music, heard only to himself. His perceptions do not come from the material plane, but are a direct connection with his Soul. Thus, he can be highly spiritual but cares little for the formed side of orthodox religion. He can have a great love for music, but cannot ascribe to any definite man-made structure within it. He senses practically everything, but he relates his senses much less to physical reality than to his perception of a cosmic universe. He knows much more than he could ever put into words, for here again he realizes the limiting qualities of language as being but just another formed boundary which could encircle his infinite understanding. He is able to see the appearances and illusions that others live in, and therefore has to try to make the best bargain between not toppling their sand castles, while retaining all the inner truths he knows."

"Retrograde Neptune in Libra -

"......the individual impersonally absorbs impressions from his environment. He usually thinks that all of the feelings he experiences are his own and that they ultimately demand some type of action or solution on his part. The truth is, however, that this placement goves the individual an opportunity to ecperience much of the universe while not truly being obligated to personalize it. He is highly sensitive, particularly to music and the arts, and has a great dal of difficulty with the harshness of life, to which he is overly open. In order to balance himself he makes to mistake that he must balance all that is around him........."

"When this configuration is correctly used, it gives the individual a tremendous amount of insight into the mirror of himself, or that part of his identity which he sees through the eyes of others. Karmically he can learn to integrate better with his society through this type of vision. At the same time he will be further removed from the basic essence of himself because he seeks to experience himself through others. He can reach happiness when he realizes that one does not reach for happiness but that it is found within as a more or less permanent state of contentment with one's individual life experience and the minute part one plays in the totality of the cosmic plan."

Karmic Astrology - Retrogrades and Reincarnation Vol 2 Martin Schulman 1977.
Interesting for all of us with Neptune in Libra. Mine isn't retro but I could certainly relate to much of this I know others here with Neptune in Libra will.


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Re: Neptune Retrograde

Retro Mercury 27 Aquarius
Retro Uranus 23 Leo
Retro Pluto 6 Virgo
Retro Neptune 11 Scorpio

Grand water trine, Sun, Mars, and Neptune... I worked as a professional psychic for 2 years... but I can't read for myself to save my soul.



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Thanks, Lapis. Much rings true. How silly of me to dismiss every retro but Merc, which I notice so acutely almost every day. Now I can see that Nepi retro is a biggie. I'll def have to dig out that Schulman book.

Lorielle, my intuitive friends can't read for theirselves either. Perhaps there is a veil that everyone has as to their own life in certain respects, certain clouded areas. Sounds like Neptune to me :confused:



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I'm so glad to 'meet' another retro aquarian merc :) In my very limited experience I havn't come across a direct one, never mind retro!

BTW your Uranus is on my Mars, your pluto is on my MC and our Neptunes are sitting next to each other on the lilo! Way beyond my capabilities to understand/work out what that means - but...just following trends as on other boards :eek: I'll get there though - eventually.

Out of curiosity, how did you discover you were psychic? What happens when you read for your self? Sorry if its too many questions, but I am really interested in this sort of thing. Blame Parkers for falling on me :eek: Ok, so it missed my head - but the after effects are as if it did - it opened up a whole new world. :)


So, the people walking down the corridors out of the corner of my eye, who aren't really there, and the music they play when there's no music... How do I train this?

Time shifts - yes, but only if I narrow it down. That's how I think, like a constant cross checking, a limiting valve. Perhaps I need to expand the ...wavelenght...frequency...higher vibrations...I now understand what you mean. :) This has literally just come to me. Big hugs. How to do this, that's another matter. Deep thought required for that one.

Thanks again

take care, everyone



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For a long time I too had a hard time deeply understanding natal retrograde planets. Like you say, Merc rx natally is in your face :p all the time no matter what! But the other planets are a bit harder for me at least, to really get a strong clear understanding of. It's like all that planetary energy is torqued around and moving inside your consciousness and personal world really differently than if it was direct natally. The 'Twilight Zone' effect! ;)

I also think that the whole linear time business gets put on hold with natal retrograde planets. They seems to be better suited to travel in multiple directions like inner and all over, instead of a hard stream of focused tunnel-vision like energy with direct motion.


I know what you mean about not being able to 'see' for yourself. It's normal, otherwise the incarnation would sort of become invalidated or just not hold all the learning impact for sensitives/psychics etc. I can tell when I'm in a strong personal learning phase because I get real 'dumb' instantly! ;) I can't seem to understand some things, I can't psychically see the answers as I usually can and I'm temporarily cut off from those other parts of myself and awareness. That's my clue that I'm in learning mode and stop trying to access info/images in my usual way. It's almost opposite from what other people experience. Retrogrades natally??? :D Yeah, I think there's a big connection.


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Hi all,

I have only one natal retrograde: Saturn in Sagittarius in the 1st house. It is conjunct my Moon. I have lived through one progressed retrograde: Mercury from Virgo into Leo and back (it went retrograde when I was in high school and return to the point it turned retrograde in the mid-90s).

Saturn Rx for me is a highly internalized place. I have chosen in the past to use the Saturn Rx energy to trust more of what the "public" was saying about me than my own truth. I have chosen in the past to use the Saturn Rx energy to build structures in my life that conformed to what the public defined as "me" and what I should be doing rather than structures that truly reflected my soul in this lifetime. I have tended to trust the public's authority more than my own soul's authority. If I thought I couldn't meet the public's expectations, then I would not do it. I used the "taskmaster" energy of Saturn to beat myself up for not doing what the public told me to do. The public here can mean the small public of the family/tribe (Moon/Cancer), the medium sized public of small groups and community where people have "face-to-face" relationships (Uranus/Saturn/Aquarius), and the "Public," where everyone is included (Saturn/Capricorn).



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I *think* everyone's true node is retrograde, so you can scratch at least one! :)

I thought that I had none, and recently found out that my chiron is going backwards, hmmm.

Arian Maverick

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I *think* everyone's true node is retrograde, so you can scratch at least one!

Actually, I believe this depends upon which calculation you use for the True Node; the one which takes into account the "wobbling" of the Moon will sometimes have the nodal axis in direct motion, while the mean calculation eliminates this altogether ;)

Arian Maverick

Arian Maverick

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Ummmm, which one does astrodienst use? Heheh. I am an electronic generation astrologer

Don't worry, am I! :D

I believe Astrodienst does not use the mean calculation; therefore, it is indeed possible for the nodal axis to be in direct motion.

However, I certainly would not count a retrograde nodal axis among other retrograde planets...

Arian Maverick


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Frequency rates, realities, & retrogrades


:D Very well done you!

Yes that's what I've been talking about. It's about us, our ability to speed up or slow down our personal frequency, our rate of energetic vibration, which is what causes us to see/hear/feel/communicate with other beings in other levels of different 'realities'. I won't totally blow this thread with a long post about this stuff, but add for the astrologers that I feel retrograde planets both natally and in transit, open up this ability more than direct planets.

Just know that you can do it, and have been doing it hel! Intend that you'll experience more and more of this type of thing.....and you will. It's that easy now. Wasn't always, but is today and tomorrow. Again, very well done.:cool:


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I have just one retrograde, my Jupiter in Cancer in the 6th House. I'm not totally sure as to how it's manifested in my life yet.
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Not according to Lapis' post a couple posts before yours! According to that you are just more open to spiritual experiences..... And that's GOOD, NOT BAD;)