how many retrogrades do you have?

How Many Retrograde Planets Do You Have?

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I was wondering about karmic ties and found out about retrograded planets. I am still continuing to discover more and more fascinating points on astrology that I never knew before through this forum and website. I realized my chart has one retrograded planet (neptune) and read the brief synopsis on it:

Then I came across:

This website describes the number of retrograde planets and it's common occurences with percentages. You'll find they give a description of each occurence. Did you know that 36% of the charts of US presidents had zero retrograde planets? Very interesting read.

Another site below only describes the inner planets. Bummer...but still great information.

Arian Maverick

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Thanks for the links, Ace! :D

I have Pluto retrograde and Uranus stationary retrograde in my natal chart...yep, I'm a rebel :twisted:

Arian Maverick


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Hi Ace, and thanks for the links. What sign and house is your Rx Neptune in if I may ask?

I have 3 natal retrograde planets-

Mercury in Sag in 10
Uranus in Cancer in 5
Pluto intercepted in Leo in 6

Have you read Martin Schulman's book Karmic Astrology - Retrogrades and Reincarnation 1977? You might find it interesting also.


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Arian...that's a pretty strong personality there with Pluto and Uranus Rx...what intese retrogrades :lol:

Lapis...I have not read Martin Schulman's book. Can I check that out at my local Barnes and Noble or Borders or do I have to go ahead and get it on I have Neptune Rx in Sag (1st house). This makes me like a chameleon to my surroundings and am able to blend and perceive everyone's moods. I sometimes pick up on the vibes that people give off which sometimes is not a very good thing as negative energies are quite suffocating to be around.

Arian Maverick

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Arian...that's a pretty strong personality there with Pluto and Uranus Rx...what intese retrogrades

I suppose having my natal Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Aries--within one degree of each other--doesn't hurt things eithers :lol:

Arian Maverick


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Uuuum, uuuuum, uuuum I think you'll be able to find Martin Schulman's astro books at all of the places you mentioned. I usually buy my books at a local 'Metaphysical' store so that's why I'm not sure!

Neptune in the 1st! And retrograde wow, I bet you do sense and read most everything and everyone you come into contact with. I hear ya about the negative energies being so heavy! With Neptune in house 1, you're probably an 'empath', 'psychic', and 'visionary' in general. Here's a brief quote from Martin Schulman's Karmis Astrology - Retrogrades and Reincarnation book I mentioned before.
"Retrograde Neptune In Sagittarius -

Here, the individual experiences a heightened consciousness of the world and his place in it. He learns to live without anchoring himself to roots. Instead, he lives a more natural existence, flowing with the currents of his fortune.

He is a free spirit with very few attachments that are meaningful to him on the physical plane. With almost a prophetic insight into the future, he can grasp the essence of things in a moment, but he has difficulty stabilizing himself in every day practical matters. He will play a great role in delivering the spiritual message of the Aquarian Age. His life is built on the expansion of formless horizons he senses within himself. At the same time, he is an endless giver of information and knowledge to others.

"......He is a dreamer of the first order. But his dreams are more of a vision for mankind rather than fulfillment of personal desires.

"More than with other placements, this gives a powerful sense of the cosmic whole happening within oneself......

...."Karmicallly, he is not to be bound by anything other than what he perceives as the deepest truths within himself. He will avoid mass movements, organizations, clubs, the institution of marriage, and any other man-made structure which prevents him from experiencing all that he feels inside."
I feel too that natal retrograde planets help us to function outside of normal 3D time structures. IOW's with Rx planets its like we're working in no time and because of this, we perceive 'realities' a bit differently than if that same planet was direct.
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Thanks Lapis for taking the time to type some info on Retrograde Neptune in Sag. I will look into the book some more. Does Schulman's book also give descriptions on just the retrograded planet in sign or does it give it by both sign and house? I would like to read more on retrogrades and it's significance in a birth chart. Wow, this description is a bit scary. All of it is accurate, especially what rings true is "karmically, he is not to be bound by anything other than what he perceives as the deepest truths within himself" and "his dreams are more of a vision for mankind rather than fulfillment of personal desires." I would say I'm somewhat "psychic" and have strong impressions through dreams and several out of body experiences. A well-known local psychic also confirmed my past life and my death that I felt before which was a shocker for me! :eek: It's funny how I'm fascinated with the occult, but fear to tread futher as I feel sometimes it can open me up to things that I may not be ready for just yet. I guess developting my psi side will have to wait. :)

BTW, what is "IOW's"? And if I may also ask how have your natal retrogrades affected you? Are Schulman's interpretrations accurate for you?


Good sites posted, they were good reads.

For interest sake, here are mine:
Mars in Scorpio 5th house
Jupiter in Cap in 7th
Saturn in Scorpio in 5th
Uranus in Sagittarius in 6th
Neptune in Cap in 6th
Pluto in Libra in 5th


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IOW's is short for in other words.

That book I mentioned does also give house placement meanings. One minute I like the book, and the next minute I'm not so impressed. I think this just indicates that the author is discussing retrogade planets in a rather different way than what we're used to reading about. Sometimes I get really frustrated when I read some astrology books only because I can't relate to where the books author is coming from..... and they couldn't relate to me either probably!

Here's another short quote from Chiron - Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Plantes by Barbara Hand Clow.

"Retrograde planets are best understood from a magnetic perspective, from an energy point of view, and their activity is best understood conceptually as a time dynamic. Direct planets are electrical, and they cause energy to charge and move; retrograde planets are magnetic and draw energy into the chart."

The main way I've tried to understand retrogrades has been to pay very close attention to how I personally am effected by transiting retrogrades. Over the years I have noticed how our perceptions, actions, emotions and most everything change when a planet goes retrograde. Linear time and the foreward push of energies gets all turned around and goes inward and I can access far more data, information, and general understand during retrogrades. It is a very magnetic energy and the whole direction of consciousness changes and in some ways, expands IMO.

But, I'd think that living through a transit of a retrograde planet vs. having it Rx natally......are slightly different for individual, karmic, and learning reasons. I better shut up, I feel like I'm going retrograde! :lol:


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Thanks Lapis for the clarification :) Yes, your right. Every book I come across seems to have their different interpretations. I frequently am in the New Age section getting my fill, but sometimes feel overwhelmed. I have that bood by Clow, i think it's descriptive and describes my "wounds" quite well.

Haha...going retrograde. Tell me about it, my Mercury in Gemini makes me feel like i'm retrograde at times! lol

Draco...haha lucky you...i heard also before that a chart with no retrogrades generally gets to reap a lot in this life compared to others to have them. :)

Gem! the most rare six retrogrades...too bad there is no conclusion on this pattern only Muhammed Ali and Angela Davis (activist on gender equality and associated with the Black Panther Party) had it. hmm...don't even know where to begin with a conclusion on this one... :p

Arian Maverick

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I have been intrigued by the topic of retrogrades, because I think being aware of these influences will help me to understand why I feel the way I do about who I am.

Yes, I feel the same way! I'm particularly interested in stationary planets, for obvious reasons :wink:

Arian Maverick


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Just wanted to say hi because I have retrograde neptune in my first house Saggitarius too!! Like you it is my only retrograde planet, unless a stationary uranus and a retrograde north node (???) counts.

Can't say I'm psychic but I'm definately 'different' to other people and tend to live in my own world!! I was a very hyper-sensitive child too.


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I have 6!!! Retrogrades in my chart, all of them in the lower horizon (3th, 4th, 5th and 6th house) and the rest direct (9th, 10th 11th and ASC)

They are:

Mars in Libra (it was retrograde at time of birth but mars was actually very slow in order to percieve it direct.. )
Saturn in libra in IC cusp
Pluto in Libra in 4th
Jupiter in scorpio in 4th
Uranus in Sagitarius in 5th
Neptune in Sagitarius in 6th

I can be nervous but actually I do meditate a lot about life I love to live a calm lifestyle, not what our society expect from us. :)


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Sita and pixie your very welcome and just read a previous thread. Sita -Are you still in Alaska? It sounds very exciting and what a change. Must be beautiful down there.

Pixie- Yeah, you must have the chameleon affect where you can blend in to your environment. I live in my own world too, sometimes a bit dreamlike, but I think other factors in my chart keep in check from too much of that :)

Mary - Hmm...with that retrograde affecting only the lower horizon, I'm curious how has it affected you.


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I have 6 retrogrades.. it doesn't seem so rare here on this thread :p

Mercury Aries 08°37'33 11 retrograde
Venus Aries 10°05'24 11 retrograde
Saturn Scorpio 27°11'32 06 retrograde
Uranus Sagittarius 17°50'13 06 retrograde
Neptune Capricorn 03°36'31 07 retrograde
Pluto Scorpio 03°43'27 05 retrograde


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Natal Retrograde Planets

This is slightly off topic but I didn't know where to put it and I feel its important enough to share.

A couple nights ago I slowly awoke in the middle of the night and was able to hover in that great state between being awake and asleep. While this was going on I heard myself and someone else having a conversation. It was like I was being tutored which is pretty common while we're asleep actually. The frustrating part is that I was only able to remember a couple of sentences! :( Anyway here's what I heard -

"With both Mercury and Uranus retrograde natally this makes it much easier for you to function outside of linear time and therefor perceive certain lifeforms and realities that exist beyond physicality."

I offer this up to those of you that might find this information interesting or helpful.


Hello there

I also have Neptune in Sag retrograde in the third house as well as pluto in Lib first and uranus in scorp 2nd. I can relate to being extra sensitive around people's energies and sometimes like to be alone because of this...I guess I'm not very grounded in everyday life and can be a bit of a dreamer! i would also be interested in finding out more about my retrograde planets, somebody told me they are planets we grow into later on in life and find hard to access early on??? Not sure, but I do find it difficult to access that uranus in scorp energy which is square saturn...Will check out those links..

Bye for now

Kate (Gemini)