How many oppositions can one encounter?


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Out of all aspects, the conjunction and opposition are probably at the heart of synastry. But how many oppositions can one statistically encounter when comparing two charts?

A few weeks ago a new colleague joined the department at work. There was an instant mutual liking and once i learned his birthday i found out some peculiar occurrences:

1. All of our inner planets (Sun through Mars) are in opposition to their counterparts (my Sun opposes his Sun, my Moon opposes his Moon, etc).
I didn't even know such a thing was statistically/astrologically possible, let alone the two people be contemporary to each other and actually meet in person !

2. Furthermore, if we allow whole sign aspects in our natal charts, we both have a lot of identical aspects:
- Sun trine Moon (his orb is 5 degrees, mine is 11)
- Venus sextile Mars (his orb is 9 degrees, mine is 6 degrees)
- Moon square Venus (his orb is 8 degree, mine is 3 degrees)
- Sun square Mars (his orb is 6 degrees, mine is 2 degrees).
- Moon trine Mercury (his orb is 10 degrees, mine is also 3 degrees)

2. The two bizarre occurrences above make it possible for our inner planets to form a series of planetary patterns, as follows:
- our Moons and Venus form a Grand Cross
- our Venus and Mars form a Mystic Rectangle
- our Sun and Mars form a Grand Cross
- our Sun and Moons form a Mystic Rectangle
- our Moons and Mercury form a Mystic Rectangle

Everyone at work is asking us if we had met beforehand because there is a strong sense of familiarity and compatibility between us :)

So my question to you is what's the maximum number of oppositions you have encountered between two charts?
I expect that Sun/Sun and Mercury/Mercury are somewhat frequent, plus maybe another inner planet at best ...


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