How is his health?

I’m learning Horary and it is an interesting challenge. I drew a chart for an individual I was dating a couple of years ago. When we were involved, he was a recovering alcoholic. My question is “how is his health?” Date, time and place: Nov 14, 2021, 8:16am in Gilbert Arizona. He and I are not in contact.

My basic interpretation is, Mercury and the moon are his signifiers. Mercury is on the cusp of the 12th house and the moon is at the 29th degree of Pisces, conjunct the fixed star Sheat. Very unfortunate, I read that to suggest he is in crisis. Neptune in reverse conjunct the IC to me, suggests he may have returned to substance abuse. I’m not asking about anything romantic here so I am not applying the sun to signify him. However, I feel like the sun in the 12th house is significant. I didn’t go to far into it because I feel like I’m letting bias get the best of me.

Any thoughts

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Mercury is at the top of the sixth house, the house of disease ,
Mercury is burning and strange .
sun is in the sixth of the seventh house and denotes poor health and harmful habits.

The cure has the tenth of the seventh house, and here Jupiter, the square of the sun, indicates ill health.

Moon in the tenth therapy house in VC , This means that the matter remains as it was before .

I think he's still sick now

We wish him safety and health
Yeah.. I thought that was what it looked like. As I am the one asking the question, I am Jupiter and the sun is not a fan since Jupiter is in his fall. I can wish him well from a far. I do hope for him. It does not look good.


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My problem with this chart is i think u could b violating his personal space. U dont have a contact with him + you are not his doctor.
Id decline even looking at this chart
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