How does one learn to be less obsessive?

Cancer with Taurus Moon and Mars i am incredibly obsessive...


Or is it a good thing?


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That's a very good question. As a Scorpio, with Taurus rising, Cap Moon in the 8th, I wouldn't be able to answer that....:whistling:


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It is best to balance the elements in equal proportion. Air, Fire, Earth and Water. These are the domains of daily life. The represent Health, Wisdom, Wealth and Happiness. They all influence one another. To create balance and harmony. If one is out of balance, then it needs remedy. Wealth might need to learn more about wisdom or happiness. In other words: Earth might need to learn more about Fire and Water.

The path of illumination is to project the outer chamber to the inner chamber. To integrate the elements and the planets inside of yourself. The outer zodiac must be aligned with the inner zodiac to be become fully illuminated. The outer zodiac is the dark chamber, in which mankind is lost. If he keeps staring at the stars, thinking that they rule his life, then he is lost beyond reproach. The secret of illumination lies in building the inner temple and it's corresponding chambers inside of yourself, to become the creator. To become the master of your own reality.

Don't take these words too lightly. I've said more than I should.


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Being aware of the thoughts/emotions as they arise and not allowing yourself to get entangled with them helps them lose their power.
This is a basis of meditation. They come and go. This is their nature.
They persist only when we engage with them out of habit.
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