How does Mercury retrograde affect you?

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On the other hand, it also looks like a lot of submerged shipwreck material is just emerging, or what you might call coming to a head, which is good because then it can be fixed, cleaned up, addressed.

Nothing so internal has been going on in my life. One thing that is going against the grain is that this period has seen an increase in clarity in some of my relations , but it has taken major arguments to break the barrier.

A friend's phone was fixed, while another's started to go haywire. Also I randomly encountered a former college mate who is still attending school. It feels like ages since I've been there. A lecturer also contacted me during the period, which was a pleasant surprise. He seemed to have founded a business in the interim so I'm curious to here more from him about that.

Contrary to the trope, this has been a progressive period for me in all things Mercurial. And the transit occurs in a sign where the greater malefic sits.


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You know how they say don't travel during Mercury retrograde?

This time around, LOTS of people are having their travel plans interfered with by coronavirus: getting it, or getting quarantined, or, more common, trips getting canceled because of coronavirus concerns. My parents had a road trip planned, they were leaving this weekend, but they just decided not to go. They're not sick, neither are the relatives they were going to visit, but everyone's worried that the situation will get worse.

It will probably outlast Mercury retrograde, but I note that the bulk of cancellations are happening right now.

I didn't have any travel planned right now, so it's not affecting me so much as the people around me, although I am starting to hear about events I might have gone to being canceled.


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I’ve noticed lots of **** in the world but to be honest I notice this when mercury is direct. It’s just more transparent than usual when merc Ret


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This last station-direct was square to my sun-mercury. A number of times I had communication block from trying to communicate complex, sensitive issues with a bunch of unknowns. In certain situations, how you say something is just as important as what you have say. I just couldn't find the right strategic arrangement of words, so I evaded like a politician. :lol:


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Or does it?

With the next Mercury retrograde about to start, I thought I'd open a topic for real experiences with Mercury retrograde. Not just fears and superstitions.

Personally, I never notice a significant difference between Mercury retrograde and Mercury direct. Mercury-type things, like communication and going somewhere, don't seem to ***** up for me any more when Mercury is retrograde than when it's direct.

But some people say they always know when Mercury is retrograde because xyz reliably goes wrong for them.

Now, if there's a Mercury retrograde happening along with other strong energies that affect everything, I might be affected just because I'm around. For example, the last Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius involved an out of bounds Mercury, and that one was a retrograde on steroids. My workplace had a sudden crash of the phone and computer systems, which shut down the project we were working on because it was heavily dependent on those systems. (We did finish it later, but there were several days in there of not being able to work.) But that wasn't something happening to me personally so much as it was happening around me.

What about you? Do you find that a certain something always happens to you during Mercury retrograde? Or does it just pass unnoticed, except maybe for having it talked about on astrology sites?
I use Annual Profection and LOY as well as other techniques
to determine which planet is intensified

I notice that
Mercury Retrogrades vary, dependent on the sign location :smile:

and whether intensified or not



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when Mercury rx was within 10minutes orb from opposing Uranus, I stumbled upon this amazing tedx talk by dr Kristen Meisenheimer.

It`s called 'Rewiring revolution" :lol:

and is about brain`s neuroplasticity

"re-wiring" makes me think of Mercury retrograde
and 'revolution" makes me think of Uranus

this is really shocking (Uranus) news (Mercury), and I`m still impressed :w00t:

Mercury is not activated in my chart, yet the impact this [and some other videos] had on my thinking is enormous :biggrin:

link to this talk:
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