How do you think we get along? there is a full 12th house composite!


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I like this guy, he is totally my type (strong capricorn and sagittarius signature in his chart). But i am not sure I am completely HIS type. I feel like he would like more earthy girls while I have strong air and fire signature in my chart. Plus I am concerned over the fact that our composite 12 house contains almost all the planets. What can this mean? Is it a doomed relationship? Both of our birth times are correct. I am blue he is red.




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You trigger each others 8th house in the synastry chart, so there's a deeper connection. This is confirmed in the composite chart with all those planets in the 12th. While the synastry suggests an existential bond (8th), the composite suggests a more spiritual bond (12th). In either case, it should feel somehow fated or karmic, like something you can't explain merely intellectually.