How do the degrees in conjunctions work?


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Let's say you have a stellium of planets in one sign all with different degrees. Does the order of the planets in the sign make a difference?

I've heard that Jupiter being before Venus in a conjunction would make the person take pleasure in learning knowledge - but if Venus is before Jupiter, it amplifies the persons need for pleasure, possibly making them addicted to it.

I can't seem to find any information about this online, so if someone could explain how conjunction wars work or if you could send me a link to some information I'd greatly appreciate it :)
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Anytime you have several planets conjunct in one sign and house, look at the planet with the lowest degree in the conjunction. The planet with the lowest degree will dictate the overall results of the conjunction. The Jupiter and Venus example is correct.

Watch the video " 4 planetary conjunction meaning and degrees in astrology " for more details.