How do I know when a relationship lesson is over?


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What I mean is that the most important thing in a relation is to be in love...more than moving away for college or any other possible obstacle. :smile:
Do you think it's true that love can conquer all? I used to believe it, but the older I get the more I think it's not worth the effort...I guess I am in the process of negotiating with the Universe to send me love that comes with minimal obstacles...


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Ha, ha, ha...if you feel able to negotiate perfect love with the Universe, go ahead! :love: Then come back and give me the recipe. :wink:
Hey I accept the challenge! If we're still talking in the future, whichever areas of my life I've achieved the kind of tangible results I want (I have high standards) I'll keep you in mind and do my best to share. For now, let's help each other by sending each other good thoughts - Here is from me: Thank you for the support HAIZEA!!:kissing:


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my very simple reply is, if things keep repeating themselfs then to me lessons are not being learned, so only time will tell xx


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And now I wonder, you, who have those close relations with the Universe, why don't you mentally conjure all the forces in It so that She will stay? :ninja:

I'll be very happy to hear all your reports. :kissing: :smile:
Because Haizea, people can always get what they want if they really want it, but sometimes some things and people are simply not worth one's effort. For me right now it's about finding out whether a person or a goal is even worth the effort before I invest in the time and energy.
my very simple reply is, if things keep repeating themselfs then to me lessons are not being learned, so only time will tell xx

So simplistic and true, but not everyone gets if first time around and some are slow learners and those with venus/neptune quite enjoy the 'illusion' of perfection and happiness and rose tinted glasses. :innocent:


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It is a deep knowledge. No matter what happens in the external circumstances, you feel exactly this fulfillment.
You don't have questions anymore, "why...?" "if..." "what if...?" "should I..." "hadn't I...." to torment you.
You don't feel its agony.
You don't "fight" it anymore.
You are what you are and "it" is what it is and you can accept "it" as it is and you can accept yourself within it and you don't want to adapt yourself to it and you don't want to adapt "it" to yourself.
You are quiet about it.
You can let go.

I wish you all the best :)
I just couldn't get your post out of my head and had to come back to it...I gave what you said some careful thought in the past few hours...You pretty much answered all my questions. Thank you so much Vinyasa for such a brilliantly written post - you have no idea how much I appreciated it:smile:


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Well, thank you for having such a restless and not easily-content spirit: the urgency of your questions made me think a little bit more on my own lessons learned, in order to be able to formulate an answer.

It is so breathtaking this moment of "the lesson learned": complacency, serenity, stillness... One single moment before the next lesson to be learned starts :)

See you around & take care!
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...if things keep repeating then lessons are not being learned

This comment (and A50s response to it) reminds me of the (off-topic) story about the Sufi Master who was pouring tea whilst explaining something to a student and, when the latter urged him to stop pouring because the cup was overflowing said "Think of your mind as being like this cup......Before it's contents can be replaced, it must first be emptied of what is already in it."

And question for those who are currently happily married: I've been told that when you've found THE ONE, you just know - there would be no hesitation, no need to ask questions, no doubt - you just know. And they told me that there would also be no obstacles of them getting married; both people will also happen to be ready. Is this true?:smile:

My wife and I have been married for 40 years now.....happily engaged in a constant "battle of the sexes", with peace breaking out as soon as she wins.......So I can confirm that the above is indeed true but (for those whose "teacup of perceived destiny" is full) freewill might prove to be a most effective obstacle to the relationship.


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everyone's story is different... that is the true beauty of the world. Everyone's path to true love is as individual as their soul. Love can surprise or be as plain as the nose on your face. It is a journey into the unknown and beyond.... how far are you willing to go into the creative abyss of life????