How did you get into astrology?


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How did you get into astrology?

Wow, double wow – this thread is three and a half years old. This goes to show – good questions transcend time ....

How did I get into astrology? ...

As a very young child age 6 – 7, I was a very good reader (I lived next door to a library and didn’t have a lot of friends, so I read a lot) – here I would read books on the occult for hour upon hour. I was into witchcraft (mainly potions and chants) but liked alchemy also. But, the symbolism of the heavens always amazed me and I loved the mythological stories such as Saturn the child eater and Mercury the messenger of the Gods.

However, I was the youngest of 4 children and, with sibling rivalry, one of my brothers use to tease me terribly and do the meanest of things to me. Now, when I look back it’s funny but at the time I found it hard to copy with. So, one day I went to the library, got the books I knew so well, and then made a Voo-doo doll of my brother and I stuck pins in it to give him a headache. (I’m am sorry now for doing that as I know it was wrong, but I was a child that was hurting and I didn’t understand + my brother was fine and not hurt)

Well, to cut a long story short, my mum (strict Irish Catholic faith) found the Voo-doo doll and was horrified. So, I was taken to the Catholic Church so that the priest could deal with me! I won’t go into the conditioning that was apply to me, but, I couldn’t read or learn any more about the occult or symbolism and that include astrology!

However, when I was about 11 I got Linda Goodmans star signs book and loved it. And I learn about the sun signs and easy stuff. And my Mun was fine with that – she even liked it and could relate to it. But when I was in my teens (maybe14), I found an Ouija board and tried to use it. I like using it but soon after i found the board, we had a fire at our house and my Mum blamed the Ouija board and bad spirits. So, once again, I was made to leave the occult and astrology alone as it was seen that one related to the other.

After a break of 25 years, (about 2 years ago) I began taking up astrology again. I joined the Astrological Association of Great Britain and started going to classes on a Monday evening. I liked the people and found it such an interesting subject.

However, it wasn’t until I could near enough interpret a chart for myself that astrology really gripped me. I was interpreting one of my children’s natal chart and the understanding it gave me was astounding. Since then I have been addicted. However, I am very unknowledgeable with astrology at the moment because the more I learn, the more I realise I know nothing! But, I will use the Taurus in me to plod along and keep learning.



Sometimes i found these astrologers absolutely right & Some times don't wants to believe on them, anyways but it is interesting.........



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It's always interesting to hear other peoples' experiences with astrology, so how did you get into it?

I began studying it about a year ago when Uranus was in trine with my natal Jupiter and Neptune was tightly conjunct my north node.
That is interesting. Where is your north node....

I have Uranus conjuncting mine and I started with astrology when I was on first Saturn return at 29 or so. I was looking for answers and felt like I was just a victim of fate. Neptune ruling.....

I found out I had an 8th house stellium and a well aspected Uranus to Jupiter etc and although no one in my family or circle was into it, it was obviously fate. I have had a love affair with it for over 30 years and teach and counsel. I struggled at first with all the information but in those days there was no internet to gain info from or to be confused or misled by either. I went to a school and learned to do manual charts with textbooks, sat an exam and gained a certificate. I went to various seminars and bought loads of books and studied further with those.:biggrin:
It has been the ruling passion of my life and I am still learning. I know now that there is a higher purpose and that we are not just victims of an unfair fate. It has given me faith and and great belief in unending life.




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Σεϊνε;192531 said:
I don't know how i got into astrology, i think it was because of my favourite actress. I remember her birthday and then other celebrities birthdays and then i learned of their star signs and then of my sign and then i think it grew from there. A boring story but i can't remember the specifics as my memory's bad at times (but not with birthdays and astrology stuff...well sometimes it is bad with astrology stuff). Thank god i found it or else i would be missing out. I love astrology. I wish it was taught at my school...i really do.

Hear hear!! It gives us so much power and self knowledge and one reason why the church in our later centuries have banned it although they themselves often used it...... They wanted total control of the population and to hold them in some kind of godly fear.....dont get me started..

However there are now some universities that include it in their degree courses but not nearly enough. We can learn it at colleges here too.
I dont think that it is a subject that can be studied in depth until we are reasonably mature. At least in our twenties, as it carries so much responsibility. However doing the SUn signs etc is great for kids and very general of course.



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At age of 12 I read the book of palmistry by cheiros, then at at age 13 I read the book of numbers by cheiros. And i had been practicing palmistry and numerology.
Then at the age of 28, I searched for a good astrologer to answer some questions. After being fooled by a few, I finally got a good astrologer, and after studying him, purchased some astrology books, and i never looked back.

For a quick look i usually see the palms, but for serious detail, you have to look up astrology.
aHHH You started on your Saturn Return too. Ideal age I believe.
Mature enough to handle it and there are some charlatan astrologers out there I know. We try to regulate it here in our country and encourage people to go to someone with good references and who are listed in approved organisations. Same with learning astrology, accredited schools only. Otherwise you can waste your money and get some bad information as well. When someone is deemed to charge too much, is not really qualified, word soon gets around.


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I had gone through many difficult years of my life which led me to search for meaning in life. I had alot of questions. This may have perpetrated it.

But really, I had like an 'epiphany' moment, about 5 years ago. I noticed vaguely my whole life that everyone born in the month of May in my life were really similar. The great majority of people in my family are Taurus', including my mother and two brothers. I always had a vague sensation my whole life that people born in that month were really similar. I'm the only pisces in my family so I could see a difference. So it was really like an intuitive moment in my life where it kinda clicked and it just made sense. then, I just started searching, reading, and the more I read the more it made sense. I keep discovering things every day.

also, there were other "signs" or key moments in my life where I met people who believed in mediums or tarot and the memories of these people somehow connected with my search for knowledge. My family his really conventional and no one in my upbringing has any contact with metaphysical knowledge..


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My ex boyfriend...whom I still care about so much,very a professional astrologer...on a level which is scary,he could see your picture and describe yoru whole chart lol,or you can say something minor to him '' I hit my head when I was five'' and he'd construct your whole chart lol... and when we broke up,I really wanted to know,how what when,since I took the breakup very badly...before him I barely knew anything,he kind of talked to me about it and sparked an interest.


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My ex boyfriend...whom I still care about so much,very a professional astrologer...on a level which is scary,he could see your picture and describe yoru whole chart lol,or you can say something minor to him '' I hit my head when I was five'' and he'd construct your whole chart lol... and when we broke up,I really wanted to know,how what when,since I took the breakup very badly...before him I barely knew anything,he kind of talked to me about it and sparked an interest.


your partnership house isn't that bad. Your breakup must have been due to the influence of some transiting star. That's all

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When Saturn trines my Venus+NN in 8th house, I found myself at an astrology course:biggrin: Also there were Pluto going too. But Saturn's timings are more exact. I didn't just started to learn astrology, I was also into energy works, meditation, dream interpretation and things like that. I decided to do these till the end of my life but I couldn't. I had obsessions and fear started inside me and ended up in a psychiatrist. Well Saturn put its borders as it's also natally opposing this Venus. I remember a dream I saw in these times; a girl drowned in the sea and someone said you'll drown if you go around unknown waters :biggrin:


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My mother introduced me when I was 14. We just read horoscopes together, but I went one step further and got a free chart. When I saw that I had a strange, rare, and difficult to interpret aspect in my chart, I wanted to delve deeper.


You know those little tiny books that you see on the cash registers at the checkout at grocery stores? Well, I found one about astrology one day when I was stuck in line and looked at it for something to do. I read about Pisces and was amazed at how much it applied to me. So, I bought it. (It was only like $1.00 anyway.) I took it home and read the whole thing cover-to-cover and found it really interesting. From there, I bought a book exclusively about Pisces and read that cover to cover, amazed at much it applied to me. I couldn't believe there wasn't something more to it than what those ****** newspaper horoscopes would lead one to believe.

I started really getting into it from there. I studied it deeply for a few years though I had a hard time "pulling it all together" so to speak. I burned out on it for a long time and other life stuff got in the way. I'm only now, after 10 years getting back into it again. As far as I'm concerned, I'm a newbie all over again.


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My mom told me my entire childhood that I was 'Such a Leo'...If I asked her what it meant, she told me to look at her Astrology books. I had a childhood of observing astrology, tarot and psychic fairs through my mother. I didn't get it, but I did enjoy going along for the ride.
I read what we had on hand, but I didn't 'get it'.

Within the last four years I have worked for the same company.
My first position ended badly, working closely with 5 other women in 1 cubicle.

My one coworker could only say, "Too many fire signs, this place is burning down'...

So, with that in mind, I started to look at the coworkers in question.
The four stuck together, I moved to another department.

Anyhow, That department has been taken apart, and put back together. I went back to the one coworker with the above statement, and we started to talk about astrology, karma, fate, tarot etc.....

With a few searches here and there, I ended up here and learned I could learn a WHOLE lot more about my Natal chart, and have been enjoying it.


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In my teens I studied palmistry, and had the good fortune to get a reading from a student of William Benham that I still remember - amazing! So I studied palmistry and started doing palmistry readings, and really got spooked because the better I got, the more accurately I identified events/dates recorded on the palm, and I wasn't always prepared for people's responses. When I think back now on it, I realize that being so young, I still really wasn't strong enough yet for the responsibility of that.

So around the same time, an artist friend of mine generously offered to do a free reading of my chart, and not only was she so positive in her explanations, I also found that I could follow along with her - it made sense to me. So I started picking up lots of books, and read them until they fell apart pretty much! Just had/have a need to know, to understand why we all do what we do, and astrology seemed more comfortable to me because there was this whole esoteric, philosophical side to it that I responded to.
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I was going through a rough period with someone. They'd been in my life many, many years ago then abandoned me. Last year they re-entered my life but this year they wanted to cool things off again.

I was fustrated with them because we were so close, we could be quite intense with one another. We definitely had chemistry and we understoon one another.

I didn't understand why they kept doing this to me and I found myself struggling get them to talk to me. I started reading about their starsign as a way to help me understand them better and accept their character. I guess in away it was like therapy for me.

Soon enough, I became intruged with astrology and found it facinating. I love to learn and take in new ideas and experience. The past few months have been incredibly enlightening for me.


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I discovered this science when I was still a little kid, but couldn't focus on it. After few years I found out about basic sun signs, which were not so accurate, so I searched for information and found some. Analyzed my natal chart in details, I kind of liked it, because almost everything was true. :lol: and this summer I found out I have an aspect, which made me to be interested in occult and astrology. :smile:


I had an aunt that was really into astrology. She had learned from her father, my grandfather. He wrote a daily astrology column for the newspaper.

She said he'd write it by putting the Sun on the AC, that's why it was always too general, thereby inaccurate.

I spent a summer at her house in PA when I was about ten and learned alot. I still have books on astrology that she gave me.

wow! I actually got into astrology when i was in a difficult relationship with a cancer guy. I couldn't figure out why we were so attracted to each other yet things were hard. one day on yahoo i read a daily horoscope, then i read his too, and i found out that all the guys i dated by then were cancers! So i started reading about cancers, then to compabilties, then to my self - ascorpio! then i went to personality readings, then to comapbilties for 2years. then to brith charts, my birth details were so complicated, but since the interest was climaxing, i did my best till got the right dates. but then i wanted to see my ascedant, i had to make contacts with my childhood doctor and from there i got it. then i went to planet readings, then decans, degrees and so on. I think with tilme i will be a senior in this stuff,lol


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I think it started with generic daily horoscope blurbs in newspapers and magazines. After that, I moved on to books by Linda Goodman and other authors.


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I have always been reading a lot (Mercury 3rd house) since very young age and over time developed interest in psychology books.
Around the age 15-16 I read some of C.G.Jung´s works and was amazed. He was mentioning astrology and alchemy often and since then I tried to read anything related to that.
The transits for that time being transiting Pluto conjunct natal Uranus and trine natal Sun and transiting Uranus sextile natal Uranus. Yes, it definitely changed me and my whole life.
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I think it's one of those things Pluto has obsessed me with.
But I first became serious about astrology when I lost my faith in everything.Now I don't know if there's a god & I don't give a ****.Another thing was that whenever I read my sun sign horoscope, I always found it quite wayward from the truth.So I came down to the full fledged natal chart.I discovered my rising sign & realised that it influenced me much more than my sun sign.But it's easy to find out, it is given much more importance.I believe if the ascendant is placed strongly, then it's much more influential than the sun sign.
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