How did you get into astrology?


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I wanted to know more about myself. And now that I know more about myself, I want to know more about people. And give them free chart interpretations. It's fun. :)


Back in 2006, in my 20's, I read my wife's book about Leo, by Aline Apostolska. It was really interesting and detailed and it really described her personality. So I bought Aries of the same edition, and it absolutely blew my mind. So we bought the Libra one (my mom), the Aquar(her mom, and all the others... and I havent looked back since...I bought many other books over the years, and chatted/learned on many websites, it's just never ending, it's my main thing in life, I'd like to become a professional.


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Ok Yep. I finally found the real reason. So I can sublimate my sexual urges and desires.

Sex = astrology....

Took me a few months to figure it out


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As a child in the late 80s/early 90s, some of Mom's friends were reading books on astrology (I was fascinated with some things on astronomy too) and I learned about the sun signs in age 9 or 10. Newspaper horoscopes I learned were inaccurate and there's too much for a child to know about astrology, and I had other Mom's friends and school teachers tell me they either don't believe in it or are opposed to astrology, so I lost interest by middle or when I entered high school.

In the late 2000s, I talked to people in online forums who explained how astrology works (they followed it more than I had) and people are always entitled to their opinions, but how can you explain astrology can be so accurate, precise and complex to foretell future events or learn more about ourselves? I discovered my moon sign, rising, other influences and astrological alignments can play a role in natal charts and horoscopes.

In 2011-12 (winter time), I joined the AW to further my interest in astrology and have a chance to discuss it with people who are familiar or care. My Taurus Mom and bro don't seem to believe in astrology, yet my Mom feels she fits the Taurus profile. My Sagittarius Dad and half-sis take astrology with a pinch of salt. Like politics and religion (even the subject of sex), discussions of such issues wouldn't be appropriate with everyone. Astrology is something I don't share much in RL, but I can freely here.


Birthday numerology is used to reduce your birth date to a vibratory number by adding the day of the month, the number of the month and all the number that make up the year in the date you are wanting a number symbol for.


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My grandma always encouraged me to read my horoscope every New year's season. I could tell it could tell about me, but I was vane and secretly thought to myself that nothing and no one could ever figure me out, without ever realizing there's more to it than a brief interpretation of Sun signs.
My mother miscounted my ASC when I was very young, so it didn't make much sense to me at first.

I used to hang out at a forum all the time, and they had a good astrology section there, but I never payed much attention to it. Then Saturn kicked my *** and I immediately found myself reading about it, trying to figure out why I lost control over my life and to tell if I would ever graduate Uni. And I couldn't pass my final exam for 2 years prior to that, despite being a top ranking student until then. Then a woman read my chart online and I was surprised at how well she could describe my appearance and compare it to my mother's without ever meeting me. She told me that my chart says I could learn astrology and that I would soon become good at it.

Then some months later I ended up interpreting the charts of the people who taught me the basics on a level they say takes a long time to achieve and they haven't yet.
Then I wanted to learn more so that I could warn a certain woman whom I knew would sign in there too, a woman that I haven't met in person, but I know a lot about, about a bad person that harmed me for protecting her before and I believe still plots to harm her even tho I stopped them once. Then that bad person did more of what they usually do, so I felt I have to learn more to understand how to protect myself better.
I feel like my knowledge is nowhere near the level people tell me, but I can synthesize quite well. The first thing I look for in a chart is person's flaws and virtues.
I am also a bit psychic. I see astrology as the ultimate tool to protect myself and help better my life and the lives of those in need of help.


essence of psychic development

Psychic development is a gradual process that helps human mind receive feeble signals and respond to extremely subtle occurrences. Such phenomenon is associated mostly with metaphysical and supernatural abilities. However, flagging them as supernatural is not the correct way to interpret, simply because most people cannot perceive them.


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Hah...some of my family members such as my aunt were a huge fan of horoscopes and other astrology-related stuffs especially when i was young. As a child, who was always stucked up in her own world, never yet developed an interest to it. I dont remember the first time i started reading stuffs about astrology, what i do remember is my age when i started studying a few, i think...15 years old? I guess i was too focused and drawn to it that it somewhat became my world. That i literally forget things in the process. Is that bad?

Sorry for my bad eglish.


As a child I experienced visions and weird dreams and things that cannot be explained and I am only now growing to understand what everything means truly.


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I'm not sure exactly how it began, but I know on some occasions one of my parents often read the daily horoscope from a newspaper. But I think my general interest came when I came across someone who has become quite a inspirational friend to which I found that she was an Aquarius, so then remembering that I was a Sagittarius I discovered how strong the compatibility was between the two signs as this friend and I seem so alike.

Then in 2011 I came across Lawrence Grecco's videos regarding the 12 traditional signs via Howcast's YouTube Channel and from then on I just became really interested and inputted a lot of its characteristics and traits into my writing and I'm really grateful for it.


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I hold an additional interest in astronomy, a more serious scientific field. To hold an interest in what's in our universe is part of astrology, to keep track of movements of the planets and positions to fixed stars. Last night, the Perseid meteors should make an appearance in the pre-dawn evening sky. And last month was the two full moons: July 1 (Capricorn moon) and July 31 (Aquarius moon). We should have a new moon this weekend and the next full moon, this time in Pisces comes on the Aug. 29-30 weekend.

For astronomers (esp. professional), the zodiac has 13 not 12 signs if you include Ophiuchus from the IAU's 1930 designation of constellations as the Sun crosses it's southern end right on the ecliptic, and the concept of parazodiacs: Cetus, Perseus, Auriga, Orion with mystical or spiritual values, new and faint Sextans, what was once a pre-1930 constellation (Orpheus or symbolic of Hydra's sliced tail-fin) between Virgo and Libra (the moon was located there on July 20, 1969 when the first 2 men landed on the moon out of 6 manned lunar landings by NASA), Aquila held a significance in mysticism despite its location on the celestial equator and way north is Draco surrounding Polaris, the north star, also held a mystical importance in some schools of astrology.
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Well, as I was about to end High School I started to research on who I was and what I would be good at doing.... :whistling: So I started doing personality quiz' and watching MBTI videos on YouTube, lol. I randomly stumbled upon a video about Astrology...And from then I've been self-studying it by myself.
Also noticed that Uranus was in retrograde about to conjunct my Part of Fortune (it is now) - coincidence? :innocent:


I got into Astrology towards the end of 2009, after a fortunate encounter with a man who changed my Life completely. Astrology has been a part of my spiritual quest ever since.. I started researching obsessively and reading about Astrology on a daily basis, studying my Chart, then looking at the Charts of friends and relatives, eventually I joined a forum community, and at some point I started blogging, which I still do.


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My interest in astrology came out of my interest in tarot.
As I was studying the tarot, I noticed that it contained astrology symbols in it.
Curious to find out more, I began to read books on astrology.


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I've just been getting into astrology over the last couple of months. I've gone from a skeptic to a believer quite quickly as I go more in depth with it and find that it just gets more and more accurate as I go. It's really quite shocking! For example, I have Venus in the 3rd house and while reading descriptions about it, I've seen sentences that have been said to me nearly verbatim by people throughout my life. It definitely has my attention.

other side gary

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I have been reading a lot about astrology recently, I had no idea that the gravity of the planets could effect our emotional state but it makes sense, I am glad to see there is at least some science behind it.

It seems there are some other interesting and maybe questionable things on the periphery of astrology like Tarot and Online Oracles.

I think it goes with out saying that most online Yes No Oracles are just computer programs and completely useless but I have been using one called the that claims to be based on science and it actually gives you full responses to your question and consistent responses to similar questions.

As someone with common sense it is hard for me to believe it is really making accurate predictions, but it says is has independent research that verifies its accuracy and its linked to other legitimate science.

It does kind make you wonder what the deal is, is everything as it seems or can there be more. if anybody else has information on this please let me know. Thanks!