How did you get into astrology?


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I always read my horoscope in the paper and one day I came across Susan Miller's astrology zone. It blew my mind the accuracy of her horoscopes and I got more and more into it……….I think at some point I was just looking for hope and just direction at times where I felt lost.


In a never ending quest to better understand myself, I finally turned to the stars and started researching everything I could possibly dig up on astrology, numerology, metaphysics etc, and turned up so many interesting things.

Once I read the description of virgo rising, I was sold. lol it had me wrapped up in a nice little package.


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"Message of the Stars" also was the very first book that I read in Western Astrology. I still find the interpretation from that book to be most brutally true, very well written, structural, clear, easy to understand for any reader. The book is freely available matching the ideal that Astrology should be free for all whoever wants to seek guidance in life.


I read Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, and from then on there, I was hooked. The copy I have is old, it doesn't help that I've gone through a lot of chapters and highlighted things about my sign. I also love going to chart interpretation websites. I came across some of those, and I spend a lot of time doing them. I just love learning about Astrology, it helps me understand myself more. It's not the reason for my personality, and I don't live by it, but it puts things in perspective for me about myself, like, "oh, this makes sense." :alien:


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As soon as I could read. This is with western zodiac astrology from newspaper columns.

Was attracted to it when I was knee high to a grasshopper, in other words... several decades ago.. it just felt almost 'instinctive' to me..


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By accident.

I'm not a spiritual person, but then I decided to read my 2014 Leo Sun/Moon horoscope and it seemed accurate. I use it mainly to help my ground my life.

My favourite astrologers are Nadiya Shah and Veerle Debruyne. I find their reports/videos are the most accurate for me, and I like their manners on screen too, very congenial and well-spoken/articulate.


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I started studying last week, when a girl asked me about my ascendant up ... and I did not know what it was. lol


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I first learned astrology from my mother, who practiced it for a long time as well as did tarot readings. She showed me how to cast a chart and do tarot when I was a kid. She had all sorts of occult books that I read and was fascinated by. One in particular was about divination of various kinds. I don't remember the title, but it was an old book (perhaps from the 40s). It was stolen from me by a neighborhood girl when I was 13 who wanted to borrow it and then pretended I never lent it to her. :(

I learned to use playing cards as tarot from it, and used it to find out who my first lover would be when I was around 10 or 11. I remember that clearly, because the response I got was a reversed jack of spades, which meant a "destructive and conniving youth" or something similar according to the book, which caused me to throw the cards across the room and hide under my bed covers.

Strangely, six years later, I met my first lover, who was indeed a dark and manipulative young man who was very destructive to himself (Scorpio Sun conj Saturn, Mercury conjunct Uranus, Aqua Mars square Pluto to give a little indication). I had forgotten all about that incident with the cards at the time and only remembered it much later. :eek:

The cards also said that I'd marry a man whose name was one of the names of Jesus' disciples. The love of my life now indeed has such a name, and one of the less common ones, too. We do plan to marry.

My mother eventually decided that astrology conflicted with her faith, and threw out all her books, notes and charts. I saved her tarot cards and use them once in a while; I also had a set of them given to me by an old friend who passed away.

I started doing readings for my friends in my early 20s, but then stopped because it seemed to draw out the worst in some of them (like wanting to tell me what they should do with their lives, asking how to exploit potential lovers, or causing them to unleash all their repressed feelings on me in a destructive way; one person ran into the street, laid down and refused to move for 10 minutes after I spoke with him about his chart! He just kept looking at the stars and saying gibberish while I tried to get him to get out of the road :crying:). I felt ashamed that I'd been so careless with it, and stopped practicing for a while, forgetting a lot of what I learned. I just recently picked it up again, but a bit more cautiously this time in terms of how I introduce it to others. :unsure:
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I actually began lightheartedly dabbling in it off and on since I was about 15 or so. That's when I learned there was a lot more to it then just the sun sign. I loved reading those little astrology magazines (I forgot the name of the magazine- it might have been a quarterly.) This year I've been getting into it again, even deeper, maybe because I feel the urge to figure out the intense energies going on lately.


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I think I was 11. My mother has always been interested in astrology, so she had a lot of books about the subject. I was ambivalent about astrology for many years.
Growing up, I was always interested in astrology...just gazing up in the sky at night, looking at the constellations, stars, planets, etc., is beautiful! It's crazy how the solar system can play such a huge role on us and how we are as a person in the world, but I started really getting interested when I met this absolutely amazing Cancer guy (we have sun conjunct moon synastry, both ways.) and we have great chemistry...but like any other couple, we have issues that stick out..So it compels me to look into our charts..and while I'm studying that, I get interested in looking at my own chart...and I finally have some understanding on why I am how I am and what I can do to better myself...astrology is awesome!


I was very skeptical, Not at all a believer, till a man when I was 18 told me about my future Lady's tragedy, her death that would bring me sorrow; he was 26 at the time and his Moon cjt Uranus in on the 11th house cusp kept me awake!

He used to say things like when I expressed sincere doubts about the relevance of astrology '...Well if you live to be 90 and life has passed you by because you didn't heed to God's celestial influences, DON'T come crying to me because I was there for you and others who are asleep!...'

He knew my map, and told me something I was shocked upon hearing and skeptical is not even the word, '..that the Magi in Matthew were astrologers..', not until I read this in the Living Bible Paraphrased did I wake up from my astro ignorance comma!


Then at age 19 I read it entirely, Julia and Derek Parker's The Compleat Astrologer and then went to visit someone who was so respected in my community that eventually that man was given the Outstanding Citizenship Award by a man who would become a President of the United States. This man I visited and showed the book to didn't let on he studied astrology also from his Masonic Lodge books, yet latter in life we had sincere talks about this science, so much so the last time I saw him he said '...I wish I had had a son like you that was so enlightened upon this subject...' This man had Sun cjt Pluto in Gemini in the 9th with Virgo ascending. He had used his Mason's books to understand the three churches he started and all of his deacons he last told me.

I would visit this mentor often, the young astrologer who would say clichés like " are a product of your vita-sphere..", and the strangest things would happen on the way to his house, like turning on the radio in the car as I was singing The Dawning Age of Aquarius by Hair or the Fifth Dimension and I was in sync with the lyrics of that song , right in sync not off one word or sylable; yeah you should see my Neptune!:whistling:

Well he did a lot of Electional astrology work for me from Vivian E. Robson's book, and urged me to study Lilly. He claims I have surpassed him, but truly is the student ever greater than his teacher?

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As a kid I found out that I am a Cancer. I looked up my horoscope and I thought it was really generalized. Well it wasn't until a year ago that I discovered there is way more to just being a Cancerian. This made my Virgo Moon side really happy because I found out that you can really get to know a lot about a person by reading their whole natal chart together. My girlfirend, Cute Cap is her username on here, got me really into astrology. I can honestly say that the idea of astrology is something I enjoy.

Recently I have taken my astrology interest to the next level by making YouTube videos about them. In one of my videos I discuss how astrology isn't debunked by twins (or even people with the same chart) which again makes me like astrology even more.

Here is that video I was talking about. :
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Ok well when I got into astrology it didn't happen all at once. My mom's a Scorpio and her best friend was an Aquarius. They would constantly check their horoscopes. They shared the same moon (cancer) so it sort of explained maybe why they were so inseparable as friends. Well around 10 years old that's when I started asking her questions about my sign and she would say "oh you're a goat." It's like she made fun of my sign or something. lol I never liked criticism as a child so I took it as an insult. I mean goats are awesome so don't downplay them. Freshman year, I was 14, I downloaded a horoscope app and thought it would be fun to stalk people's signs as well as mine. Well the more and more I would read horoscopes of other people it just made me obsessed. I went onto looking up celebrities signs, posting on Yahoo Answers (eventually getting a top contributor badge), and signing up to all of the astrology sites I could find. It was like I became fixated on astrology. Whenever I read someones horoscope I felt like I knew more about them. And it would make it better if I knew their birth time. Lol now i sound like a creep. But it's so fun to find out someones bday and look up their chart on But the great thing about astrology is you can look up the persons birth chart to sort of determine if you may get along with them. I'm not saying astrology determines how u get along with people but its a good warning. Now when I met my bf it was awesome because it felt like fate brought us together. Sorry if that sounds weird. He's a cancer (hes so sensitive and awesome and funny you wouldn't believe it ok) but he just soaked up all my astrology facts like a sponge. it was a common interest for us and i think it made us closer. so yeah I have someone who i love who stalks birth charts with me and its just awesome. astrology is going to be apart of my life forever:)


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I had a friend who liked to go through stuff on the curb and find interesting stuff. I sometimes went with her to do this as I thought it was really fun. Well we found a book on astrology this way years ago I can't quite remember the name of it. So we went through and found eachothers signs and I found that the stuff I was reading in this book was very accurate and fit me quite a lot and the stuff for her fit her too. So she used the book to read some of her friends that came over as did I we found it quite interesting. That is how I got into astrology at first. Then when I got the internet later on and a computer I have been facinated with it ever since. I probably like it though cause I am Aquarius Ascendant and Uranus is said on several websites to rule astrology I find that interesting and yes on this website forum so far I have seen more Aquarius Ascendant people than anything else when seeing charts posted.