How did you get into astrology?


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It's always interesting to hear other peoples' experiences with astrology, so how did you get into it?

I began studying it about a year ago when Uranus was in trine with my natal Jupiter and Neptune was tightly conjunct my north node.

Arian Maverick

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Ooh, what a great idea for a new thread! :mrgreen:

Although I have always been fascinated with divination, especially the Ouija Board that my grandmother gave me for my birthday long ago, I first began serious research about the subject after attending my best friend's sleepover party my freshman year of high school. Since we had only met months before due to our different educational backgrounds--I had gone through the public school system and she had spent her first nine years in Catholic school--there were several other girls at the party whom I did not know, one of which who practiced Wicca and had an exceptional gift with the Ouija Board. After receiving a brief yet fascinating reading about my past life in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, I was determined to learn more about this form of divination. After several Google searches, I eventually found my way to the Paranormal Phenomena section of and explored the various links offered on the site. I became intrigued by a topic on the left-hand side of the page called Time and Dimension Travel and soon forgot my previous fascination with the Ouija Board as I read about out-of-body experiences and astral travel. I even enrolled in a free online course provided by MysticWeb, although I never did succeed past the stage of vibrations... :?

Somewhere along the way, I developed an interest in numerology and mainly learned the art from a site called Although I had always been aware of the first part of this website's name, I never really delved into the realm of astrology because, frankly, I was utterly confused! I was led to Astrodienst through this site and even constructed a natal chart for myself, but there were so many weird symbols and differently colored lines that I quickly became overwhelmed and dismissed the idea of learning something so complicated! :lol:

Obviously, I eventually gave astrology a second chance and have been addicted ever since!

Arian Maverick


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I never thought about the planetary position at the time I got into astrology, but now that you mention it...

It was back in early 1993, when uranus conjucnt neptune was trining my 11th house mercury (ruler of my chart) conjunct chiron. Also uranus and neptune was sextile my venus in pisces in the 9th house (higher mind). Pluto was near my natal uranus in scorpio in the 5th house (hobbies), opposed to my mercury/chiron. Dark moon lilith was passing through my 9th and 10th house.

I was 10 years old and found out a great collection of books, which my dad owned, and these book had a lot of information about UFOs, the myth of witches, ESP phenomena, bermuda tringle, mystic places and sanctuaries, etc. But wich interested me the most was tarot (the meaning of the cards), numerology, quiromancy and astrology of course.

In that times, there were no computers not even internet at home, so one of my aunts gave me an astrology manual for christmas.... I was so happy!!!

And from that moment on every time I had the opportunity I bought books about tarot, quiromancy, the 9th revelation... but in time I became more focudes in just astrology.


Summery Joy

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I never thought about the planetary position at the time I got into astrology

Me neither! I'm not sure of the date in the first place. I have been intersted in astrology since .. forever! I don't remember a time when I wasn't reading about my Sun signs and comparing it to natals.

Some time around 2002 or 2003 I found out about the Moon, ASC and DSC signs. I thought that was all there is until I met this guy early 2005 who put my on the right track. And here I am :D


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My story is very similar with Mary's, the first contact with astrology was in early 1993 or maybe in late 1992, I don't remember exactly, when I attended some classes on spirituality organized by some New Age-like organization. They were the first classes on astrology to be held in Romania after the fall of the Communism regime in December 1989. Then, the same year a good book was published, and I could learn the basics from it.
In 1998, my father bought me a PC, so I was able to generate astrology charts using it (and Halloran's "Astrology for Windows" received on a floppy disk from a friend) instead of working with ephemeris. In 1999, internet access became available at the university, although the connection was very slow. In 2001, I had dial-up access from home and I could read astrology articles online. That year I set up a small website offering free tarot readings to people. It was fun, for a while. Then little by little, I switched to astrology, from other divinatory practices.


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I was brought up on radio programmes, my favourite of which was 'Journey Into Space'....a 4-manned space craft meandering the solar system....long before Star Trek was ever invented. The planets interested me. You could get there one day, perhaps. The stars were too far away; not possible in a lifetime.
I watched the Russian sputnik in the evening sky pass over London. I became absorbed by the U.S. missions to the Moon and was SO disappointed when the first photos showed no Moon-men!
Maybe Journey into Space created an affinity with the planets.

My youngest daughter loved stories. We had more or less gone through the children's section of the library. I thought I'd try the 'Foreign Folk Tales and Sagas' section in the Adult section for her. There was a book lying on its side. Its bright colours attracted me and I could see a pair of fishes, a ram's head, a sort of fairy maiden. I slid it out. It was the large foreign edition of 'Compleat Astrologer' that had been placed in the wrong section.I glanced through it, recognised much of the sign explanantions of family and decided to take it home. 3 months later I bought the book. I devoured the small astrology section of the library. After a year of self study I telephoned our country's most renowned astrologer to ask if she could recommend a teacher. She put me on to the Pisces Sun/ Sag. Ascendant person who made astrology live for me and after 3 years sent me on my way with the words, "Don't just read the books; go beyond them." A maxim I've never forgotten.

In a film I was watching recently, the 'hero' says how finding a particular book changed his whole life, to which the reply was, "Maybe you didn't find the book, the book found you." In a way, I can relate to that.

Of the accepted planets, only transiting Jupiter ( ruler IC) squared natal Moon (ruler 11th H) when I found the book, but transiting BML in my 3rd house opposed and transiting Chiron conjoined my 9th house Sun. I had been through a very traumatic preceding few years (tr. Uranus opposing and Neptune and Pluto inconjunct natal Sun). Finding astrology initiated the healing process of so many years of 'living with a pain inside'. When I started classes, transiting Uranus in my 3rd house had just entered Sagittarius to sextile natal Neptune and later trine natal Pluto, whilst tr. Neptune and Pluto aspected natal Mars and Saturn. A whole new world opened before me.



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I got into astrology as part of an overall spiritual identity crisis in 1977. I went to Israel, had very powerful experiences and then returned to Los Angeles and joined a metaphysics group that focused on meditation learning the Universal Laws. Astrology was a natural extension of all this work and with Bodhi Tree bookstore in walking distance, I was on my way.

I took a couple classes with Carroll Righter who wrote a column at this strange gothic looking Hollywood mansion. I learned how to calculate a chart by hand there, but after that, everything I've learned has been on my own.


gemini sun

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Hi everyone,

I am a newbie on this forum. I was surfing the net this morning, when I came across this site, this forum and this wonderful question. It made me think and I thought I might share...

I first became interested in astrology in, I think, fall of 1982. I had started 1st grade recently and was feeling very pleased about myself, walking around in my small childhood village in Eastern Europe. All of a sudden an old man from the village, came about and decided to deflate my good spirits. I can not recall the rant exactly anymore, but included me being chasticized and warned of ever sympatizing with magic, astrology and all the things devil.

I was irked, that someone blackened my day for no reason, and out of spite I had decided I should at least know what I am being accused of. Hence I searched for anything that touched the topics of astrology and magic, and consequently the nature of good and evil....

That occured during tr. Pluto opposing natal Chiron and being close to conjuncting natal Uranus and squaring natal Venus.

Sorry for the long post.

Still searching...

gemini sun


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Even as young children my younger sister and myself were aware of Astrology. I remember she and I reading the Sunday newpapers astrological forcast for the week. This was during the late 1950's and early 60's.

Then around 1974 she and I discovered this amazing local man in his late 70's at that time, who was "An Astrology Teacher" as well as a Metaphysician in general. He'd been packed off and trained in India from the age of 8 until around 20 or 21 when he returned home to the US. He was a rare jewel and the end of a line of Elder Teachers. Boy the stories I could tell just about him.......!

My sister and I joined his beginning astrology class which only taught how to calculate and erect the chart. Lots of Math IOWs! Boy was I frustrated.....but this wonderful and wise man taught us how to calculate natal charts on our own long before there were computers or astro programs! Heck, we erected natal charts in the cave, around the campfire, using sticks and small rocks and drawing in the dirt! :| Just kidding.......but it was a long time ago and I just luv the natal chart generators now!!! :mrgreen:


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I grew up with the space race -- I was fascinated by the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo space programs. My parents gave me a telescope when I was 10 and I was bedazzled by the beauty of the planets and stars. It was an epiphany for me to see the rings of Saturn.

So I was naturally drawn to astrology when the song "Aquarius" came out in the late 60s!

In 1973 I was a teenager working at a steakhouse restaurant. I knew my sun sign was Scorpio, had just learned that my rising was Aquarius and my moon 3was in Taurus.

One evening, I became aware of an elegantly dressed couple staring at me. The man motioned me to the table.
"Please talk to my wife." he said "You're confusing her."

The woman spoke "You look like a Taurus. Your oval face, short nose, dark thick hair, strong eyebrows, short neck and compact body all say Taurus. But I see you running around here -- you seem to know everyone and everything, you treat everyone equally, you talk with your hands, you have the energy and actions of an Aquarian. But when I look at your eyes, they are deep, intelligent, and penetrating, and all I hear in my head is 'Scorpio"!"

Talk about validation!! I think I nearly dropped my tray. I never forgot her words, or her face.
Thus a fascination with a study that enabled a total stranger to read me from across a restaurant dining room began....


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I had an aunt that was really into astrology. She had learned from her father, my grandfather. He wrote a daily astrology column for the newspaper.

She said he'd write it by putting the Sun on the AC, that's why it was always too general, thereby inaccurate.

I spent a summer at her house in PA when I was about ten and learned alot. I still have books on astrology that she gave me.

Laura Elizabeth

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The Mother of a friend studied astrology as part of her Master's program in psychology and asked for my birth data for a series of charts/studies she was working on. This was in 1980 and I was 15. I became very interested in her work and she taught me quite a lot over that summer. Then, I sort of lost interest. In 1983 I started a job with an telephone answering service and one of the woman training me was very much into New Age philosophy and I got back into astrology and learned more. I go in spurts with my studies (with Mercury in Aries I have a very active and eclectic mind) and would never declare myself an astrologer - well-read amateur is about the best I could say.

Thinking it over, and checking transits to natals, transiting Uranus was conjunct natal Neptune in my 5th house when I first became acquainted with astrology. The Sun was conjunct my natal North Node in Gemini in the 12th. Saturn in Virgo was opposed my natal Venus and Chiron in Pisces. In 1983, when I got the job with the answering service and met LouAnn, the Sun was conjunct my natal Pluto and the Moon was conjunct my North Node.

Are people being taught to erect charts by hand still? That's how I learned and I'm wondering if it's all computerized now.


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My gran got me into it she'd read the newspapers with great glee! Believe I was 6 (1980) But would keep all the year predictions as well, so I continued doing that till I was probably in early 20s (showing my age). I've still got such predictions from 1990s from all the newspapers. Interesting enough she'd also do teacup readings and that what is called new age stuff.
I now have loads of books on astrology and have in last few years gone to a regular astrology online class to learn to do birthcharts from scratch, which is alot of maths. Eventually I'd like to go to LSA (London School of Astrology) for residental courses, as astrology is such a fasinating subject.


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I was always interested in it. I remember reading "Linda Goodman's Sun Signs" when I was still in grade school, I believe. However when I got older, and started attending church, I was told that it was "of the devil", so I quit having anything to do with it at all. Then, during a particularly difficult time in my life that has lasted several years, I was told in a dream that studying astrology would help me. I was still under the influence of "the church" at that time, and filed it away for future reference. After a few months, I started tip-toeing into the astrology book section at Barnes and Noble. After sufficient research through the books available, I decided for myself that it was NOT "of the devil", and began my study. That was about in 2002 when I began researching, and in 2003, I found Jan Spiller's books "Spiritual Astrology" and "New Moon Astrology", which I have found tremendously helpful. I then moved on to her website at the time,, and then to These books and websites have pretty much formed the basis for much of my "formal" teaching. I personally have learned much from meditating on the different signs and especially oppositions. I also sometimes receive instruction in my dreams, believe it or not.


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I bought a book for my mother for christmas 1996 about Sun Sign astrology
I thought it was one of my mothers intrests...
But I read more into the book then she did...
for years, i just looked for Sun Sign astrology

In 2000, I ordered a natal chart... It was a relief that there was more then just Sun Sign... Cause in some parts i'm totally not a Cancer...
But i saw i have Uranus in 4 and Mercury is more important then the Moon in my chart...
I use(d) astrology for knowing myself the most, not for predicting... The future is unpredictable

I don't live by astrology... The relations i had with signs that don't fit well with Cancer were better the one I had with signs that fit Cancer... Most of my friends are Aqua, Aries or Sag Suns...
But i'm not found of Scorpio Moons... Every SM i met, i clashed with in the end... Off course, if I find a nice girl, all goes well, i won't say no cause she has a Scorpio Moon, but in general Scorpio Moons and i don't go...
But many people i know have the Moon begin Sag or end Libra... the signs around Scorpio...


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I always had lots of interest in "mystic","supernatural" things,basicly,everything that seemed "outherwordly"and paranormal(probably my Neptune/Uranus in the first!).I used to read a lot about solar astrology-the horoscopes on the newspaper,books about sun signs,etc.But it all seemed very inaccurate for me-I felt that,in some ways,I simply didn't fit into Piscean's description.I was always much more impulsive,impatiente and hard-hitting than the typical Pisces that newspapers and astrology books described.I began to study Astrology more deeply by accident-as I was searching about Astrology on the net this summer,I discovered that there was something called birth chart and that it was much more meaningful and accurate than the regular descriptions about signs that you read everywhere!So,I decided to take a look at my birth chart-and that's when I discovered that I have Moon,Mercury and Venus in Aries:rolleyes: !I somehow always felt that I was more than a loving,sweet Pisces.I basicly got into Astrology cause I felt very discontent about all the descriptions I read about "me" on newspapers and some websites-they didn't seem like me at all!I just hate solar Astrology now-it's just very inaccurate and believe that's also the reason why most people don't believe in Astrology.People are much more than a Pisces Sun,or a Capricorn Ascedant(yes,some people also get to the "Rising signs"part but,without considering the Ascedant's aspects,the descriptions are still inaccurate).Most people just read magazines descriptions of their Sun signs,think it's non-sense and so give up withou having the time to discover that Astrology is much more than that.


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I've always been interested in the Occult, the Paranormal, and Pseudoscience. I took up an interest in palm reading one day. And it eventually grew into numerology. And then into Tarot cards. I never really understood the difference between astrology and astronomy until Summer 2006. I went to a Barnes and Nobles bookstore and bought an Astrology Encyclopedia. I was too lazy to read it and I skipped most of it. =P Then I was looking for Astrology Forums and I found these. I joined, and I became friends with Kakousei No Senshi who kind of taught me the basics of astrology. Then I finally sat down and read the book. And now I fully understand Natal Astrology and a bit of Horary Astrology.


For me astrology will always represent my windows to the occult/spirituality/paranormal.
I was raised (in a communist Eastern European country) atheist, so for me religion and spirituality simply didn't exist.
About 2-3 years ago my brother told me that somebody made his natal chart and he found it very interesting and to the point. Nevertheless he left it at that soon after. I, however, started to read more about astrology, made my online chart at astrodienst and tried to read my chart.
I asked for help at the msn astrology forum in interpreting my chart, and somebody told me that I have a strong inclination for long journeys and spirituality. Long journeys yep, true, but spirituality? I was very skeptic at that time. However one led to the other and now I'm very interested in everything spirituality related, reincarnation, psychic abilitied, mediumship, ouija, astrology, karma, you name it.
To make a long story short, without astrology I wouldn't be on the interesting path of selfdiscovery I am now.


I became interested in astrology in 2005 when the solar hybrid eclipse and new moon occurred on my birthday (April 8). As well Pope John Paul II was buried on the same day. Amazing events.


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The furthest back I can remember is reading my horoscope in the newspaper when I was a kid, probably when I was about 8-9 years old...I also remember overhearing my father, uncle and aunt discuss their sun signs when I was around the same age. They couldn't believe I was an Aquarian because my uncle was one also and I sure didn't act like him or how an Aquarian is supposedly to be. I was definitely more like my Pisces moon, and introvert and a dreamer. I picked up on the other planets when I was in high school, but it didn't become a big interest till I finished university, and began to be confused with what I wanted to do with my life.