How did this interview go?


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A friend had a job interview for this timing.
It is in the medical field.
The time of the interview corresponds to his natal ascendent.
He is Saturn in ascendent not making any aspects, but in the degree of the nodes. Saturn will receive a trine from sun ruler of the 8th.
The job is MH mars, in the 3rd house but making no aspects, although it is strong by sign.
North node is in the 6th of work. The 6th is ruled by mercury, conjunct part of fortune, but opposing Chiron in the 3rd of communication.
The clinker here looks like Uranus conjunct the IC, so opposing the MH but at the same time exactly trine ascendent.
Uranus rules the 2nd of his money, and pisces intercepted there ruled by Jupiter who is on the ascendent.
What can that unpredictable Uranus mean?
Moon in gemini will square sun, 8th ruler.
Quite a mixed bag of aspects.
So, will he get the job? Or will he accept if he is approved?
Will the salary be a blocking point?
Thanks for your input.


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Basically you are asking - will he get the job.

Mars is stationary and about to go retro. Its next aspect is to the Moon (competitor) in a sextile and then back to Saturn, but in a square. It looks more favourable for the competition, who could be an ex employee, or somebody they have interviewed before. Given Mars is stationary and cadent, there could also be some delay on the employer's part to hire.