How Chiron makes you feel

Hi all,

I've always been particularly fascinated by Chiron in the natal chart and how deeply it affects us in terms of its position and also by transit.

Mine is in Aries, loosely conjunct the DSC from the 6th House and I am very aware of how it plays out in my chart. I seem to have gathered a number of people into my proximity with strong Chirons also.

If you are interested in learning more about my take on it I wrote a new article last wee:

I'd be interested in hearing if it resonates.

All the best, Waxy~~~


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Insecurity, wounds........

my Chiron is in exact conjunct with Moon in second house

Security what is this? Something to eat or just an illusion? May be one day I will find security in this world...
Hi Alyoshaag,

That certainly isn't an easy conjunction, what sign are they in? It can be difficult as a child to have Moon-Chiron conjunct, and gives a tendency to choose partners you want to rescue or over-nurture in adulthood.

Of course it's super compassionate and kind too :)


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I have chiron placed in cancer and i also have jupiter there .i believe it is in the 6th house any insights that could enable growth.?