How can i make my merycury strong? Any help with chart?


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How can you make your mercury strong? Its strong already!

Your Mercury is in the term of mercury and the face of mercury. That means its in very good essential dignity. Moreover your Mercury is in the 1st house and conjunct your ascendant.

Furthermore in your sidereal chart (vedic) you have a gemini mercury. So in either zodiac your Mercury is essentially strong.

Now that that is out of the way... Your mercury while strong, is also afflicted.

Conjunct mars imo is the biggest issue here. Mars is naturally a malefic for most and since hes not very dignified in your chart i assume thats the case for you. Mars likely speeds up your thinking to the point that you let important facts and statistics slip through the cracks. Slow down your thoughts a bit and make sure you pay more attention to the details.

Neptune opposition your mercury and ascendant is the next big issue. You may want to start meditating. This opposition indicates that you live in a bit of a fantasy land and drift off to there at times when you should be concentrating on other matters. Learning to quiet your mind through meditation is the only answer for this really. I would also reccomend: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I guarantee that this book will change your life.

Last Saturn is quincunx your mercury. This ones debatable as some would argue that Saturn not aspecting mercury (a quincunx is not an aspect as the signs dont see each other, though the quincunx still definitely has a meaning of its own) is actually good for mercury. Even still this probably means that you need to get a bit more organized in your life in general. I would think things through a bit more before you speak or take action with this mercury saturn quincunx.

you have to read more and learn for basis.

Mars is a fiery planets having good importance in Vedic astrology. Mars represents aggression, wars, authority, determination, leadership and vitality. Mars is considered malefic in Vedic astrology. To some natives, it causes hurdles, breaks and delays in the important aspects of life. But to some other native like the natives of Aries, Scorpio, cancer and Leo ascendants, it become yoga karaka planet. In this state, it causes much wealth, authority and prosperity to these natives. Mars also causes manglik dosha which is responsible for creating hurdles, breaks and disputes in the martial life of the person.

Oups... sorry, you're totally wrong, particularly in this case.
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Youre stating vedic sources for a chart that was posted using the tropical zodiac. Incase youre unaware the vedic system uses the sidereal zodiac and under the sidereal zodiac the thread starter is a Gemini ascendant. So yoga karaka does not apply to the thread starter.

The reason why mars is considered beneficial for those particular ascendants is because he rules a trikona house (the ascendant and the 2 houses that trine it ie 1, 5 and 9) as well as an angular house (houses 1, 4, 7 and 10 called kendra houses in vedic astrology). Since the trikona and kendra houses are the most auspicious in vedic astrology a planet ruling both has elevated importance.

Although I would add: to determine just how beneficial mars is for those particular ascendants, you have to look at mars strength in the chart. Ie even for a cancer, leo, aries, or scorps ascendant a mars thats in a sign where its in dignity (aries, scorpio, capricorn) and also in a good house (trikona or kendra) is going to be a lot more beneficial to that person than a mars thats less dignified.
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And the Question is HOW to make strong Saturn And Mars?

Buy a poster of our solar system with the sun, moon, mercury, venus, mars, jupiter, saturn on it, the outer plsnets as well if possible. Hang this up in your room. This sounds simple but its a good first step in building a relationship with these planets.

Carry a piece of paper with the 7 planets sigils in your wallet.

Read up on what saturn and mars represent, try to be be more like that in the good ways, not the bad. Ie for Saturn, try to be more grounded and practical, instead of more pessimistic.

If you want to strengthen Mercury, then start to read more as mercury rules reading. Mercury rules astrology as well, so read more on astrology and you get double the benefit, or two for the price of one!

Youre already asking about gemstone remedies, which is good as well.

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Dear @helgaleena thank you for your time firstly. yes i agree with you a @the ram as far as fantasy land is concerned. would you be more elaborate on last para of your first answer relating to solutions. Secondly, i want to ask you will it always be like this, i mean whole life?

You need to meditate, that is the ultimate solution to your problem.

To your 2nd question. It does not have to be like this for your whole life. Everything in life runs on a polarity. So that means that a person who starts off very unfocused and disorganized can actually become a very focused and organized person, if they do the work to get there.

Another reason why you need meditation is that youre a cancer rising with neptune opposing your ascendant. This means youre very sensitive to outside energies, for example: you must feel very nervous and uncomfortable in bad environments or around bad people. Also mercury in house 1 indicates a more sensitive nervous system that is more vulnerable to stress.

Meditation is very important for you, yoga would be great as well. Ideally you should be doing both. But at the very least you want to start meditating and get someone to teach you meditation if possible. Youre in India, so there should be plenty of teachers out there. Go to different teachers and classes until you find the right one for you.


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Well... I'm gonna tell you :
Manglik Dasha is one of the most powerfull configuration of Mars. Indeed, I know what is Sidereal / Vedic astrology,

Thank you.


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In absolute orb order, Merc's aspects (tighter than the 3.1 degree conjunction to Mars) are all potentially challenging:

-12 min: the 150 to Sat as mentioned above;

-14 min: a semi-octile family aspect to Uran (another I know with this aspect never gives context when starting to tell a story and changes subject without letting you know so....);

-59 min: a semi-septile aspect to the Moon (moods and thinking dancing around each other erratically perhaps).

Perhaps you'll benefit from forcing yourself to write paragraphs about random subjects (with the thought order well-presented).


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Nicely noted Krewster, though the effects of the Mercury Moon aspect, if any, will be hard to discern because Mercury is in the Moon's sign and the orb is very wide for an aspect of that type.