How are you feeling Virgos,Gemini,Saggy,Pisces?


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With Jupiter transit my 2nd house and conjunct my asteroid aphrodite. I have been intrested in fashion and fine clothes. I went out yesterday to the big city and I blow up my money on fine goods, and I want to buy more things.


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I am not feeling really good this day. I am soaking up a lot of negative energy. I am really angry, frustrated and lost with life. And also very sleepy. I feel i am under a psychic attack. I want to scream and throw things. I feel destructive energies. It is not very jupiter feeling.
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asked by librarising

I'm feeling super strong, and definitely feel the recent and current mars transit. My life was utterly transformed in September having passed some major State Board tests and acquired a license in my field. I got a fancy new job weeks later, Viola! Everything isn't perfect, but it's definitely dramatically improved. Jupiter is a very strong planet in my natal chart, and it's transits do deliver for me. Always check the natal chart against transits to see what you might expect :)


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I know this is an old thread but my moon is 7'02 Sag and I can relate to the struggle, these past couple years have been a trip..

Due to personal issues (relationship problems, anxiety, drinking way too much) I basically stopped going to my classes and got suspended for a year even though I only had a semester left. That was a wake up call and I'm at least working now and trying to pay off all my loans.. TrJupiter went through my 2nd house (it was my jupiter return but my natal jupiter is retrograde) so I had to get realistic about money. It's not ideal at all but if I can graduate debt free it might not be so bad in the end.

I've had to move back home to save money and that's been interesting. I never had a good relationship with my mom but she now has some health issues so we've had figure out how to interact peacefully. I'd definitely attribute that to Saturn- living at home, feeling obligated to "take care" of my mom. Definitely not where I saw myself being at this stage of life, would've preferred to be traveling or living abroad right now but what can you do..

Oh also an old flame who I never really got over has come back into the picture.. Only problem is he moved to another city right as we started talking again. I'd love for things to work out with this guy but of course there are obstacles. Just wish saturn would leave my 5th house so if it's not gonna happen at least I could meet someone new..

Overall things are looking bleak at the moment but I'm actually glad Saturn is in the mix now. At least I'm taking back control slowly but surely and no longer drinking myself into oblivion to avoid facing reality. Sooo happy that this is the last round of this neptune transit